Web Dryer

Web Dryer

We at KERONE design, manufacture and export across world various kind of web dryers having customized specification

We at KERONE design, manufacture and export across world various kind of web dryers having customized specification such as wavelength of Infrared, Roller/conveyor speed, formation of temperature zones to fit into your drying process requirement, are designed with the superior quality Infrared (IR) radiator with digital control electronics, Infrared Web Dryer is a specialized dryer which is more suitable for processing of thin layers of materials such as paper drying, fabric and coated filaments of multiple types, films and even many type of food or snack products and many more.

We have gained expertise in manufacturing and export of high velocity web dryers, and available in different widths, lengths, heating areas, motor power and production capacities. These dryers are provided with a series of upper & lower air bars for floatingly suspending a running web as web moves through dryer. They also have a specifically molded chain, flexible & fixed baffle, supporting roller to avoid scrub and color pollution.

In the world of industrial printing and transformation processes, web dryers are essential elements. By enabling the quick drying of inks or coatings placed onto a variety of substrates, including paper, film, or textiles, these advanced systems play a crucial role in guaranteeing the effectiveness and caliber of printing processes. In essence, a web dryer is a drying catalyst that uses heat, airflow, and precise control mechanisms to remove solvents or water content from printed materials. This speeds up the curing process and increases the material’s longevity.

The elaborate design of a web drier, painstakingly crafted to satisfy the many demands of various printing applications, is its core component. The heating system of a web dryer is one of the main components that defines its operation. It usually makes use of a number of heat sources, including as hot air convection and electric infrared radiation. These heat sources are arranged in a deliberate manner along the dryer’s chamber to guarantee even heat distribution throughout the web’s breadth, allowing for reliable drying outcomes even at rapid production rates.

Airflow is essential for accelerating the drying process in a web dryer in addition to heat. In order to maximize drying efficiency and reduce energy consumption, advanced airflow control devices, such as high-velocity blowers and adjustable windows allow for exact management of air circulation within the drying chamber. These airflow systems provide quick solvent evaporation, which enables printed materials to reach the required degree of dryness in the shortest amount of time by efficiently removing moisture-laden air from the web’s surface and replacing it with dry, hot air.

To further improve their functionality and adaptability, contemporary web dryers come equipped with an array of innovative features and technology. Throughout the drying process, for example, several models have temperature probes and infrared sensors that continuously monitor the web’s temperature profile. This allows for real-time modifications to optimize drying conditions and avoid substrate damage or overheating. In addition, operators can simply establish and fine-tune numerous drying parameters with automated control systems with user-friendly interfaces, resulting in dependable and consistent outcomes over multiple production runs.

Features of Web Dryer

  • Light weight construction.
  • Modular construction. Capacity additions are possible.
  • Easy to install and operate. In most cases can be easily supported from the existing structure.
  • Superior quality of wiring system specially designed longer operating life
  • Air handling system engineered to improve the performance by effective heat recovery and exhaust.
  • Kerone dryers are having digital keypad with digital display.
KERONE is pioneer in application and implementation engineering with its vast experience and team of professionals. KERONE is devoted to serve the industry to optimize their operations both economically and environmentally with its specialized heating and drying solutions.

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