Hot Air Dryer

Hot Air Dryer

We at KERONE design, manufacture and export across world various kind of hot air dryer and hot air Infrared Dryer having specification such as wavelength of Infrared, proper air circulation arrangement, Roller/conveyor speed, formation of temperature zones to fit into your drying process requirement, we hold our expertise in designing the hot air infrared dryers which is combination of both convention hot air drying oven and Infrared drying oven.

Hot air dryers are specifically made for various purposes but provide maximum speed and quality that implies on the process. Our dryers make use of modern and advanced technology with an efficient heat blowing process to rapidly dry materials while conserving your time and energy. Our industrial and commercial-hot air dryers will cater for whatsoever purpose you will need them for.

Hot Air Dryer are equipped with digital control panel and custom settings to make different modes of drying. These are safety oriented that produce a great performance. Our hot air driers are versatile, which makes them economical in their applications such as industrial drying and material processing.

Hot dryers are designed for durability so they can last. Kerone dryers have sleek design and compact footprint that blend perfectly in any space of your business or manufacturing facility. These are made of high-quality materials for energy efficiency purposes and a reduced operational cost. With these inbuilt superior technologies, our dryers offer exceptional air flow distribution that leads to evenness in drying.

The material of design is first class with digital control panel that fits your application and may involve a hot air dryer and or hot air infrared dryer. hot air dryer and hot air Infrared Dryer can be suited for automobile sticker drying, which also applicable in printing industry. However, these are perfect tools for producing screen printed stickers on PVC.

Features of Hot Air Dryer

  • Uniform air distribution
  • Insulated construction for saving energy
  • PID temperature controller for precise temperature control
  • Unique design to prevent material blockage and hence can suit to regrind and dusty material.
  • Double skin insulated.
  • Forced airflow speed up drying/curing process.
  • High-volume circulation blower reduces energy costs.
  • Separate dedicated blowers for circulation & exhaust Control Center


  • Manufacturing and Industrial Processes
  • Textile Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Paper and Printing Industry
  • Plastics and Resins
  • Woodworking
  • Electronics Manufacturing
  • Painting and Coating
  • Agriculture
  • Textile Printing
  • Medical and Laboratory Applications
  • Waste Management
  • Drying of Bulk Solids


  • Efficiency
  • Versatility
  • Controlled Process
  • Reduced Contamination
  • Cost-Effective
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Compact Design
  • Ease of Integration
  • Reduced Downtime
KERONE is pioneer in application and implementation engineering with its vast experience and team of professionals. KERONE is devoted to serve the industry to optimize their operations both economically and environmentally with its specialized heating and drying solutions.

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