Infrared Surface Heating System

Surface heating is concept of heating or drying the outer-crust or skin of the material. The surface heating finds application in the various industries such as textile, ceramic, metal, FMCG, packed food or food processing industry etc. KERONE is one of the leading names in designing and manufacturing surface heating system for various industrial needs, the infrared surface heaters are most popular amongst all and most widely used due to its efficiency and ability to target the surface area.

Infrared surface heaters works by the infrared radiation, it utilizes the property of infrared, the infrared radiated rays collides the surface of the material and the infrared radiated waves are absorbed water molecules and this absorption results in the heating the surface of the material. Infrared surface heater heat/dries the surfaced of material at very faster rate it becomes more suitable for drying of paint on the surface, screen printing machines. Infrared dryers (IR dryers) hinder the formation of a skin or blisters on the surface and accelerate the drying of the paint, this results in a shining surface quality.

Infrared Surface Heating System offered by Kerone Engineering

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