Fish Dryer

Fish Dryer

“Kerone,” is an individual-based enterprise established in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Fish Dryer (Batch and Continuous Type) Machine have been produced, distributed, and marketed by our company since 1976. Because of the products’ quality and affordability, customers in the market strongly favor the range that is offered. We provide these things at affordable costs.

Fish dryer protects original nutrition in fresh fish. Dried fish is a completely natural product. It contains all the benefits of fresh fish – protein, antioxidants and Omega-3, thus helping in reduction of heart attacks and keep circulatory system functioning. Therefore, dehydration of fish hinders microorganism growth and the enzymatic process that leads to fish decomposition, and dehydration results in a concentrate form of fish. As a result, they lead to the storage of liquids for a long time and convenient transportation.

Our goal is to give in to industry the utmost quality and trust. This too is achieved through Continuous Improvement of products and services, Commitment to Society, Innovation, Development of our people, among other things, which also constitutes part of our primary mission aimed at achieving growth through customer satisfaction. Keep quality, trust and top position as a leading brand in Incubators, Solar Equipment’s, Dryers and Lightning protection principle.

There are two methods for Fish dryer: the traditional method and the industrial method.
  • Traditional method involves sun dry which is affected by weather adversely and takes much longer period. Outdoor environment may be dirty; it will affect the product value in the market.
  • Industries use a modern approach, especially the hot wind circulation dryer that plays a major role in today’s fish drying, because of its closed circulation system and automatic temperature controlling system. This design uses ambient air heat that is transferred onto a material’s surface which was dampened. Make full use of natural medium heating to dry, resulting in “zero” pollutions discharge, energy efficiency, safety and environmental friendliness. Fish dryer on heat pump technology that controls temperature and moisture suitably to dried fish, seaweed, sea cucumbers, squids, fishmeal, shrimps, abalone, crabs, cockles, sea snails among others.

The following are the Features of Fish dryer

  • Fast and efficient drying due to hot air circulation: therefore, fast rising temperatures for drying the inside of fish. This will lead to high dried fish quality.
  • Controllable drying: through hot air drying, you will have control over drying velocity in order to condition all sorts of fish in a proper state of drying.
  • Hot air dryers come in three varieties; these are small scale, medium scale and large scale. These dryers can be used under different conditions depending on the needs that the customer has.

The Advantages of Fish dryer consist of:

  • The whole drying process has observed all food safety standards.
  • The chamber is aseptic, while the finished product has a nice colour and bright lustre.
  • Automation of management operations, with little need for physical effort.
  • Drying process does not include any waste water, exhaust or waste residue.
  • It has a supportive and cozy work environment.
  • Longevity, cheap operation and economy.

Automatic temperature and humidity control; minimal temperature and humidity fluctuations during the drying process result in consistent and dependable drying quality. Fish is dried in a controlled environment using machines called dryers. Fish can be dried using a range of driers, including cabinet, kiln, tunnel, spray, and solar tent dryers.

KERONE is pioneer in application and implementation engineering with its vast experience and team of professionals. KERONE is devoted to serve the industry to optimize their operations both economically and environmentally with its specialized heating and drying solutions.

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