KERONE is now recognised for providing customers with specialised needs using best-in-class and cost-effective processes. Products that are heated, cooled, and dried are produced in a high-quality atmosphere by skilled workers using sophisticated machines.

The adventure began in 1976 with the establishment of a small, straightforward proprietorship business to provide heating solutions to businesses in various industries and support national development. With the help of technical know-how and strategic collaboration with the most renowned consultants and business leaders in the world, KERONE changed its traditional methods of operation in 1990 and expanded into high-end technical heating and drying systems for the specialised needs of industries around the world.

KERONE is a leader in application and implementation engineering because to its vast expertise and team of experts. Kerone Engineering Solution Limited is committed to helping the sector with its specialised heating and drying solutions to optimise their operations both economically and environmentally.

KERONE is already skilled in creating and utilising a variety of heaters and dryers.

Industrial Dryer

  • Drum Dryer
  • Infrared Dryer
  • Imperial Dryer
  • Tunnel Dryer
  • Tray Dryer
  • Fish Dryer
  • Spray Dryer
  • Food Dryer
  • Coir Pith Dryer
  • Hot Air Dryer
  • Conventional Dryer
  • Microwave Dryer
  • Flash Dryer
  • Sludge Dryer
  • Fluid Bed Dryer
  • Rotary Dryer

Industrial Oven

  • Batch Industrial Oven
  • Continuous Industrial Oven
  • Plastic Annealing Oven

Biochar Processing Line

  • Biochar Processing from Wood
  • Biochar Processing from Organic Waste

Cold Plasma

  • Cold Plasma for Sterilisation
  • Atmospheric Plasma for Food Preservation
  • Cold Plasma for Food Sterilisation
  • Cold Plasma & Non-Thermal Plasma for Food preservation
  • Non-Thermal Atmospheric Plasma for Sterilisation

Microwave Heating System

  • Microwave Pyrolysis Rotary Furnace Oven
  • Microwave Chamber Furnace
  • Microwave Chamber Dryer
  • Microwave Sterilisation
  • Microwave Solid State Generator
  • Microwave Vacuum Technology
  • Microwave Air Jet Plasma
  • Microwave Plasma Technology
  • Microwave Chemical Vapour Deposition System
  • Microwave Heating for Wood
  • Microwave Heating in Pharmaceutical
  • Microwave Heating for Minerals Processing
  • Microwave Heating for Textile
  • Microwave Heating for Rubber
  • Microwave Heating for Food
  • Microwave Solid Tyre Preheating Systems
  • Microwave/Infrared Rubber Vulcanization Line
  • Microwave Rubber Mould Preheating Systems
  • Microwave Dryer for Chemical Powder
  • Microwave Medical Waste Treatment

Radio Frequency Heating System

  • Radio Frequency Dryer
  • Batch Dryer

Production Line

  • Food Processing Line
  • Microwave Food Processing/ Production Line
  • Infrared Food Processing/ Production Line
  • Ready to Eat Meals Food Processing Plant
  • Cereal Processing Plant
  • Baby Food Production Plant
  • Nutritional Retention

Heating and Cooling System

  • Hot Water System
  • Skin Mounted Reaction Unit
  • Fractional Distillation
  • Single Fluid Heating Cooling System
  • Complete Turnkey Solutions

Coating Line

  • Impregnation Plants
  • Pilot Coating Plants
  • Gravure Coating Machines
  • Air Knife Coating Machines
  • Web Coating Machine
  • Slot Die Coating Machine
  • Curtain Coating Machines
  • Immersion/Dip Coating Machine
  • Hot Melt Coating Machines
  • Fabric Coating Machines

Industrial Heaters

  • Corrugation Heater
  • Immersion Heaters
  • Cartridge heaters
  • Tubular heaters
  • Flameproof heaters
  • Custom Built Heaters

Product Category

  • Heating & Cooling Plant
  • Rotary Calciner
  • Sulphur Melting & Granule Plant
  • Wet Laid Paper Plant
  • Ethanol Recovery Plant
  • Pulp Packaging Dryer
  • Potato Powder Production Plant
  • CO2 Autoclave
  • Hot Air Generator
  • Infrared Heating Equipment
  • Fuel Fired Heating System
  • Electric Oven for HT/LT Motors
  • Plastic Annealing Oven
  • Umbrella IR Dryer for Pharma
  • Industrial Heating Equipment
  • Infrared Heating System
  • Gas Infrared Heating System
  • Lab Equipment
  • Infrared Heaters
  • PLC Automation Panel
  • Infrared Surface Heating System


  • KERONE is awarded with the ISO 9001:2008, ISO 9001:2015, EMS 14001, & OHSAS 18001 .
  • KERONE is affiliated to THE UNIVERSITY OF NOTTINGHAM for research work in the field of HF HEATING.
  • KERONE is also a member of A.M.P.E.R.E. (Europe).
  • KERONE is in Collaboration with Emitech (Italy) for Microwave Disinfection/ Sterilizing Systems.
  • KERONE is prime member and contributor of AIMCAL for increasing excellence in providing coating solutions.
  • KERONE is having technical association with SVCH-Technologii Moscow –Russia.

These Accreditations makes KERONE more dependable and customer centric company, KERONE is continuously exploring area of new product and technology development to meet up to the demand of industries across the world.


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