Coating and Impregnation Plant

We at KERONE are helping the industries across verticals with the highly customized and efficient impregnation plants, the advantages of the KERONE’s products that, they are manufactured to provide true solution for the coating requirements of advanced or technology.

Impregnation process plants are used for applying a coating of decorative & protective layers on the substrate, the impregnation plants are most commonly used for coating of chemically balanced liquids to protect the components and materials from damage of problems by filling the micropores (very narrow space or hole in a material left in material due to various processes) from causing serious issues. The impregnation process is most commonly used in the increasing capacity/protecting the Film paper, Press Board, Paper, Wood, Asbestos board, Mica, Micanite, Cotton or silk, Rubber, Insulating fabrics, PLASTICS, motor winding, electrical and mechanical machine components and etc.

The process of Impregnation helps

  • Preventing leakage in insulating materials
  • To reduce moisture defense
  • To advance reliability of welds
  • To varnish the motor windings
  • To prevent accumulation of undesired elements like dust, dirt, chemicals or water
  • To improve overall parameters of the equipment/component

Application of Impregnation Plant

  • Paper products like Decorative Laminates, Electric Laminates
  • Fabric based Laminates like Cotton Fabric, Silk Fabric, Jute Fabric, glass Fibre, Glass Epoxy laminates, Carbon etc.
  • Impregnating Plant for Mica Paper Impregnation
  • Impregnating Plant for Filter Paper Impregnation
  • Impregnation plant for milk powder manufacturing
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