Coir Pith Dryers

Coir Pith Dryers

At Kerone, we are having more than 48 year’s experience in helping various types of industries with designing, manufacturing and installation of various types of custom build industrial drying solution. We help the client in selection by understanding the prerequisite for quality, size, shape and moisture content of the ultimate dried product have to be taken into contemplation, as well as production setting, construction materials most common stainless steel, energy consumption pattern.

Coir Pith Dryers is a purposeful unit made for dehydrating coir pith, which represents one of the wastes produced in course fiber extraction from coconuts husk. Another important natural product is coir pith that has numerous uses across farming, nursery and landscaping activities. Drying is a vital step to improve the usability of the material and make it conform to certain moisture content level.

The coir pith dryers apart has a strong emphasis on sustainability. Evocative is used in the dryer which makes use of energy efficient processes and reduces waste. Your decision for the Coir Pith Dryers goes beyond drying. You are taking part in enhancing the green life and world we live in together.

Kerone have more than 48 year’s experience at designing, fabrication as well as installation of numerous custom designed industrial drying systems for different industry sectors. With this, we assist the client in selection by taking note that prerequisite for the final dried product should be considered such as the quality of, size, shape, and moisture content, alongside the production facilities, construction materials mostly stainless steel, energy usage trend.

Coir pith is a coconut shell fiber powder which is processed into coconut by product or waste. Treated coconut husk fiber is highly effective for growing plants. It is among the most widely used culture media. It’s widely used across the world because it is natural and eco-friendly that promoted by developing countries. It is highly compressed, its storage space is small, so easy to be moved-out, all those significantly cutting down its storage and transportation costs. This means that the market prospect for the coir pith dryers is substantial with good demand.

The company has produced a special dryer for coir pith drying processes that can connect directly with a coconut shell opening and sorting machine, coconut bran sorting as well as desalination. The whole production line takes about 40 minutes after drying.

Features of Coir Pith Dryers

  • High Efficiency Heating System
  • Controlled Drying Environment
  • Uniform Airflow Distribution
  • Drying Chamber Design
  • Automatic Control Systems
  • Energy-Efficient Features
  • Safety Features
  • Customizable Drying Cycles
  • Easy Maintenance and Cleaning
  • Dust Collection Systems

Application of Coir Pith Dryers

  • Horticulture and Agriculture
  • Nursery and Seedling Production
  • Soil Amendment
  • Landscaping
  • Erosion Control
  • Mushroom Cultivation
  • Animal Bedding


  • Sustainable Resource
  • Excellent Water Retention
  • Improved Soil Structure
  • pH Neutral
  • Reduces Soil Erosion
  • Versatility in Horticulture
  • Lightweight and Easy to Handle
  • Reduces Dependence on Peat Moss
  • Promotes Healthy Plant Growth
  • Biodegradable and Eco-Friendly
  • Suitable for Organic Farming
  • Reduces Landfill Waste
KERONE is pioneer in application and implementation engineering with its vast experience and team of professionals. KERONE is devoted to serve the industry to optimize their operations both economically and environmentally with its specialized heating and drying solutions.

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