Radio Frequency Heating Dryer

Radio Frequency Heating Dryer

The advancement to reshape all industries drying systems is known as the Radio Frequency Heating Dryer. This technology utilizes the power of radio frequency wave which gives fast and equal heat up to minimize drying time but save energy consumption. On the other hand, we at Kerone’s approach on customizing the dryer which is tailored to fit the unique requirements to achieve streamlined compatibility. Radio Frequency Heating Dryer is the leading alternative for quality improvement and cost cutting which is focused on efficiency and sustainability in drying solutions.

We at Kerone meets with innovation and efficiency in the realm of manufacturing Radio Frequency Heating Dryer. We strive to offer innovative services which ensure increased productivity as well as an environmentally friendly approach.

We appreciate that drying is crucial in many industries such as food processing, textile production etc. Our Radio Frequency Heating Dryer is indeed a testimony of our forward thinking approach. Our dryer employs radio frequency waves to achieve faster and even heating, which cuts down the energy use.

Kerone, Radio Frequency Heating Dryer lies in personalized and customer oriented designs. Our company works hand in hand with our clients by customizing the Radio Frequency Heating Dryer machine to match their respective requirements and fit within their operational framework smoothly. The output is an efficient drier that goes beyond industry standards thus raising productivity and reducing pollution.

Being a customer-focused business, We at Kerone puts a lot of emphasis in reliability and performance. The fabrication of quality in mind by Radio Frequency Heating Dryers emphasizes on precision and durability. Try our approach to drying technology and improve your operational processes while raising new standards of sustainability and efficiencies.

Advantages of Radio Frequency Dryers

  • Radio Frequency heats items straightforwardly and through the thickness of the item. This results in quicker drying.
  • Radio Frequency heats from inner surface material and not much constraint with its conducting ability.
  • No overheating of material under process
  • Distinctive materials heat at diverse rates so it is conceivable to high temperature one and only piece of a composite material or to dry a covering without warming the substrate. This enhances item quality by not heating touchy materials.
  • Spontaneous ON/OFF control
  • Environmental friendly and very clean process.
  • Selective heating can be achieved as the heating happens from within.
  • Radio Frequency Heater/Dryers save operational cost by saving time, energy and increased controlled heating
  • Uniform heating at the desired speed
  • Uniform level of moisture in output material as the wetter areas observes the more RF energy and results in more evaporation.
  • The load may be supported by electrodes or conveyed under or between them. Self-supporting webs or strands need not touch anything, thus avoiding surface marking and contamination.

Feature of Radio Frequency (RF) Heaters

  • Designed to handle wide range of Products.
  • PLC control with fault identification.
  • Low Maintenance.
  • Superior quality processed product at highest rate of production.
  • Flexible, accurate and effective at low rates of energy utilization.
  • Meets appropriate regulations all through the world.
  • Batch Type Front opening Radio Frequency (RF) Heater/ dryers.
  • Conveyorized continuous Radio Frequency (RF) heaters/dryers.

Application of Radio Frequency Heating Dryer

  • Drying of wood pulp or paper in the process.
  • Drying of meal, flour, grains, seeds, beans.
  • Drying of textile yarns and fabric.
  • Drying of ceramic.
  • Drying of water-based coatings.
  • Drying of inks and adhesives.
  • Drying and moisture from webs, sheets, & boards.
  • Drying and moisture from bulk materials.
  • Drying of fiberglass yarn.
  • Drying water-based inks.
KERONE is pioneer in application and implementation engineering with its vast experience and team of professionals. KERONE is devoted to serve the industry to optimize their operations both economically and environmentally with its specialized heating and drying solutions.

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