Infrared Paper Coating Dryers

We are specialized in manufacturing and designing of various kinds of customize coating machines like infrared paper coating dryers, since last 42 years we are helping our clients to answer their specialized need of coating or converting machines. Our technical expertise and immense experience in the field of coating and converting enables us to produce solution that are desired or required for various industrial applications. Customised coating line/plants provided are entirely based on your plant set up.

With the time process of paper manufacturing have faced tremendous changes both in terms of demand of market with more smoother and glossy paper as external market evolution and the manufacturing process demanded very efficient process economical tools and techniques, efficiency of process could not be calculated without considering the time for processing the paper from raw material to finished glossy coated paper, hence the demand of faster and better production machineries were required. One of the important factors among the Paper coating process it drying of paper coats as the conventional paper coat dryers takes longer time and the drying of paper were not used to be uniform, this demand of industry is answered by the way of Infrared dryers for the application of drying paper coats.

Infrared (IR) dryers use electromagnetic radiating energy just above the visible spectrum to heat the surface of the material under the process, since the heat generated in Infrared (IR) dryers completely depends upon the radiation capacity of surface of material under the process hence the issue of overheating of paper under process gets eliminated unlike in conventional heaters. Infrared in paper coating drying process provides fast and compact solution to the drying process. The IR drying leads to rapid drying of the coating colour to the immobilization point resulting in a predictably uniform coating surface with typically excellent printing characteristics.

Infrared Paper Coating Dryers offered by Kerone Engineering

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