Water Still (Distillation Unit)

KERONE holds in proficiency in providing high quality, efficient and sustainable solutions with its range of laboratory equipments such as water still or water distillation unit used in various laboratories and industrial applications both standard and customized.

The water still or water distillation units are precisely designed to meet the client’s application requirements and comply with the standards. The water still or water distillation units are constructed with very high quality stainless still to avoid any corrosive reaction in both internal and exterior of body.We also manufacture glass water distillation unit which is a unique & intelligent water distillation unit provides great user experience. The heating element is ceramic bobbin heater with Nichrome heating wire. The water still or water distillation unit has very low conductivity(less than 1 mho). We offer it in majorly in two variant models 1.5lt/hr distillation water output for continuous run & 4.5 liters/hr capacity as standard off the shelf product, including this we also design and build various custom build water still or water distillation units.

General Features

  • Strong construction
  • Rust proof
  • Easy to install
  • Mantle Type heating system
  • Low maintenance
  • Both 3 phase/single phase electrical power supply model
  • Intelligent & user Friendly.


The water still or water distillation units find its application in testing of:
  • For Distillation of Water (General Lab Use)
  • Steel Manufacturing Units
  • Ferrous and Alloy Steel Foundries
  • Forging Units
  • Wire manufacturing Units
  • QA and QC testing laboratories.

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