Vertical Blenders

Vertical Blenders

Kerone is engaged in producing and supplying a large assortment of Vertical blender. We can also custom design a system for your requirements. The offered range is manufactured utilizing premium quality raw material and advanced technology in compliance with the international standards.

Vertical Blenders are an excellent choice for mixing solid to solid, solid to liquid or liquid within liquid. Kerone unique vertical blenders have specially tailored designs for profoundly trimmed applications or when the floor area in any plant is rather limited.

Most of them have vertical blenders which have spiral mixing blades that cause three dimensional flow of goods resulting into helical rising motion at the edge of the mixer while down flowing takes place in the middle portion of the mixer. Kerone vertical mixing machine ensures superior mixing results coupled with perfect dispensing. During operation, the mixer and the screw turn in different directions – one turns the other way up.

The screw in vertical blenders has less activity as compared with the one of a horizontal blender. In addition, the screws’ movements make the material move upward or downward as well. At the top of the rotating conical vessel, they force the material forward into the center where it is then discharged by gravity to go down along the direction of the screw rotational motion.

The ultimate in industrial mixing equipment innovation can be found in vertical blenders. These technical wonders are painstakingly made to provide unmatched precision, adaptability, and efficiency while blending a broad range of materials for a variety of industries. Vertical blenders are essential instruments in a variety of industries, including food processing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and cosmetics. They have completely changed how materials are combined and homogenized.

Their fundamental design feature that sets them apart from their horizontal cousins is their vertical orientation. Their vertical arrangement offers them several advantages, the most important of which is their capacity to process a wide variety of materials with different viscosities and properties. These blenders, which have a vertically oriented mixing chamber, use gravity to help materials move and interact, resulting in thorough mixing and reliable product quality. This ensures maximum blending efficiency.

The ability to customize features and settings further enhances the adaptability of vertical blenders. With the choices for varying mixing intensities, speeds, and batch sizes, these blenders are customized to meet the demands of various industries and particular application requirements based on client interest. When it comes to precisely controlling the blending process, vertical blenders offer unmatched flexibility. They can be used for delicate powder blending or vigorous mixing of thick materials in processing industries.

Features of Vertical Blenders

  • Homogeneous Blending in short Time
  • Blending With High RPM
  • This blending machine is specially designed to reduce operation cost and time
  • Long working life
  • User friendly design
  • Less Electrical Power Required
  • Blending With Vertical Auger
  • Less Ground Space Required
  • Feed and Unloading at Ground Operating Level
  • Substitute for Cone, Vertical cone Mixture
  • Liquid Addition Arrangement

Advantages of Vertical Blenders

  • Gentle blending action is ideal for friable or shear sensitive materials.
  • One blender can be used for a wide range of batch sizes, ranging from as small as 10% of the rated capacity.
  • Nearly 100% of the blended materials are discharged through the bottom valve after completion of the blend cycle.
  • Use nearly 50% less power per unit being blended.
  • less floor-space and are ideally suited to multi-story facilities.
KERONE is pioneer in application and implementation engineering with its vast experience and team of professionals. KERONE is devoted to serve the industry to optimize their operations both economically and environmentally with its specialized heating and drying solutions.

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