Twin Tube Short Wave Infrared Module

Twin Tube Short Wave Infrared Module

Twin tube IR lamp with gold reflector with high temperature resistance nickel wire cover by ceramic beads. We can offer infrared lamps which by virtue of a gold reflector can emit heating sources directly to the product. A gold finishing on the infrared lamps reflects the infrared radiation.

Twin tube lamps are notable for their high radiation density and high power intensity. A gold reflector fitted directly to the emitter, directs the infrared radiation onto the object to be heated. The result exhibits greatly improved efficiency compared to plate reflectors.

Twin Tube Short Wave Infrared Module is a revolutionary development in infrared heating technology, designed to provide unmatched efficiency and performance in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. With its carefully crafted design, this cutting-edge module maximizes the energy-saving potential of short wave infrared radiation to deliver quick, even heating.

The two premium quartz tubes at the center of this modern setup are individually finely tuned to produce short wave infrared radiation with remarkable consistency and accuracy. More versatility in terms of heating patterns and coverage regions is also made possible by this dual-tube system, which further improves heating uniformity. The Twin Tube Short Wave Infrared Module guarantees best outcomes with the least amount of energy consumed whether used for drying, curing, or heating procedures.

This module’s sophisticated control system, which provides unmatched adaptability and customization possibilities, is one of its most notable characteristics. Users have exact control over the heating process thanks to the latest temperature controllers and sensors, which enable accurate modification of parameters like temperature, intensity, and duration. By reducing cycle durations and energy waste, this degree of control enhances operational efficiency while simultaneously guaranteeing higher product quality.

The Twin Tube Short Wave Infrared Module was created with simplicity of integration and usefulness in mind. It is simple to install and integrate into existing manufacturing lines or machines because to its small and modular design. This module is an appropriate option for a variety of sectors since it can be used as a standalone unit or incorporated into a larger heating system. It adapts to varied operating circumstances with ease.

Reliability and endurance are important priorities in the engineering of the Twin Tube Short Wave Infrared Module. This module, which is made to survive the rigors of continuous operation in even the hardest industrial situations, is constructed from premium materials and rigorously inspected. This module has a long service life and requires little maintenance, so customers can rely on it to work consistently every day.

Sustainability of the environment and safety are also top priorities for the Twin Tube Short Wave Infrared Module. Thanks to integrated safety measures like automatic shut-off mechanisms and overheating prevention, customers may feel secure in the knowledge that any risks won’t affect their operations. Furthermore, this module contributes to lowering energy consumption and minimizing environmental effect by utilizing the natural efficiency of short wave infrared radiation, which is in line with the increasing need for environmentally friendly production methods.

Features of Twin Tube Short Wave Infrared Module

  • The heating and cooling time is 50 second approximately.
  • They are available with gold reflectors and also without reflectors.
  • The outer rear side of the reflector tube is gold coated.
  • Power saving by preventing heat loss from the rear end by the reflector.
  • Prevention of heat loss makes the surrounding work area cooler.
  • Enhanced efficiency and directionality of the heater.

Application of Twin Tube Short Wave Infrared Module

  • Paint curing.
  • Powder coating.
  • Lacquers drying.
  • Printing ink.
  • Drying glaze on ceramic tiles.
  • Drying Gumming Sheets.
  • Drying Adhesive Tapes.
  • Latex Paper.
  • Textiles.
  • Car body works.
KERONE is pioneer in application and implementation engineering with its vast experience and team of professionals. KERONE is devoted to serve the industry to optimize their operations both economically and environmentally with its specialized heating and drying solutions.

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