Twin Tube Medium Wave Infrared Heater

Twin Tube Medium Wave Infrared Heater

Our Twin Tube Medium Wave Infrared Heater is made up of 8-shape high-purity clear quartz twin tube, with each tube having Ni-Chrome heating coil that runs in U Shape in the tube.

Twin Tube Medium Wave Infrared Heater offers higher heat generation and exchange rate, twin tubes can be manufactured in different tube formats as per the desired length. The 8-shaped high quality and pure quartz twin tube medium wave infrared heaters.

Our Twin Tube Medium Wave Infrared Heater’s advanced design, which combines twin tubes to produce medium wave infrared radiation, is its core feature. This unique feature maximizes thermal efficiency by ensuring that heat is distributed evenly over the intended region, removing cold patches. Whether you’re heating a large industrial space or a tiny workshop, this heater ensures consistent temperature, fostering a comfortable atmosphere that promotes wellbeing and productivity.

Our Twin Tube Medium Wave Infrared Heater’s remarkable reactivity is one of its best qualities. This infrared heater produces rapid heat upon activation, in contrast to conventional heating systems that rely on convection to gradually warm the air. The twin tubes produce medium wave infrared radiation that instantly raises the temperature of anything and everyone in its path by penetrating surfaces. This quick heating feature not only improves comfort but also saves energy, enabling you to get the perfect amount of warmth without having to wait around or waste electricity.

This heater adapts easily to a variety of applications and conditions thanks to its adjustable settings and versatile mounting choices. Place it wherever to suit your space’s needs, whether it’s fixed on the wall for targeted warmth or suspended overhead for overhead heating. Its flexible construction allows you flexibility in positioning. Additionally, you may fine-tune the warmth to your preferred level with adjustable heat output settings, which gives you more control and efficiency over heating activities.

Our design philosophy places a high value on endurance and durability, and the Twin Tube Medium Wave Infrared Heater is a perfect example of our dedication to fine craftsmanship. This heater is made to endure the rigors of prolonged usage in tough locations since it is created with high-grade materials and precision engineering. Our heater is resilient and provides dependable performance year after year, whether it is being used in commercial spaces that need constant heating or in industrial facilities subjected to extreme circumstances.

The primary focus of the Twin Tube Medium Wave Infrared Heater is safety. This heater runs with the highest dependability and peace of mind thanks to its sophisticated safety features, which include temperature sensors and overheating prevention. These safety measures reduce the possibility of mishaps and malfunctions, guaranteeing a reliable heating system for your house or place of business.

Compared to conventional heating techniques, this heater saves energy consumption and lowers carbon emissions by utilizing infrared radiation. It provides a more environmentally friendly option without sacrificing comfort or performance thanks to its effective functioning, which also reduces utility bills and preserves natural resources.

Features of Twin Tube Medium Wave Infrared Heater

  • The heating and cooling time is one second approximately.
  • They are available with gold reflectors and also without reflectors.
  • The outer rear side of the reflector tube is gold coated.
  • Power saving by preventing heat loss from the rear end by the reflector.
  • Prevention of heat loss makes the surrounding work area cooler.
  • Enhanced efficiency and directionality of the heater.

Applications of Twin Tube Medium Wave Infrared Heater

  • Shrink Packaging Machines
  • Drying Textiles
  • Lamination Industries
  • Rubber Curing
  • Drying of paints
  • Processing Plastic foils and sheet
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