Steam Conveyor Ovens

Steam Conveyor Ovens are useful and inventive equipment used in a variety of sectors, including the culinary and manufacturing industries. Steam conveyor ovens are a dependable and multifunctional component and used in many food production and industrial processing lines. Our ovens are equipped with a conveyor-belt system that moves the product into precisely controlled dry chambers, producing commodities that are thoroughly dried.

Amongst various food production and industrial processing lines, steam conveyor ovens have earned their position as a reliable and multi-purpose equipment. The ovens come with a conveyor-belt system that takes the product into carefully regulated dry chambers resulting in well-dried commodities. They are different in that they can put steam into the drying process, which suits very much in baking and roasting or even reheating. Moisture loss is prevented through steam infusion thereby improving the texture, flavour, and product quality. Furthermore, the conveying of goods is done continuously and automatically, and therefore, they can be employed in high-production enterprises. We have accurate settings for controlling temperatures and humidity, allowing them to accept different kinds of products in their mass scale production facilities.
At KERONE we manufacture the conveyorised heating/ drying which uses a punctured belt to exchange input materials through the heater/dryer. Steam of air is either passed under and through, or over and through the belt and item couch before being heated and re-flowed.
Units are ordinarily multiple heating zoned and may have varying steaming flow in progressive zones. Also each one zone may utilize an alternate temperature profile and control
Conveyor dryers may be multi pass units, in which the food is exchanged starting via motorized conveyor belt.


  • Very close contact with Steam.
  • Multiple temperature zones offer flexibility for temperature and process control
  • Excellent transfer of energy from point to point
  • Can vary flows between zones
  • Careful handling of product
  • Programmable speed control
  • Self contained with distributed foundation loading
  • Unit can have integral cooling section

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