Steam Conveyor Ovens

Steam Conveyor Ovens

Steam Conveyor Ovens are useful and inventive equipment used in a variety of sectors, including the culinary and manufacturing industries. Steam conveyor ovens are a dependable and multifunctional component and used in many food production and industrial processing lines. Our ovens are equipped with a conveyor-belt system that moves the product into precisely controlled dry chambers, producing commodities that are thoroughly dried.

Steam conveyor ovens seamlessly combine steam technology and conveyor efficiency to take your drying experience to another level. The steam conveyor ovens are designed to give the same results for every product it dries up to perfection. Steam is added into everything, allowing the food and any other material being preserved, to retain moisture and the natural flavors, plus the nutrients, leading to juicy and tender meals every time.

Our expert engineer, designs efficiency and durability steam Conveyor ovens. They have strong build, high quality components, which ensures that they are durable enough to be utilized in any industrial environment setting.

The peak of precision and efficiency in industrial culinary technology is embodied by steam conveyor ovens. These innovative ovens are transforming the way food is prepared in workplaces by fusing the efficiency of conveyor systems with the potent steam. Steam conveyor ovens fundamentally integrate the advantages of steam cooking with the reliable outcomes provided by conveyor belt systems.

These ovens’ conveyor belt feature increases the heating process’s usefulness and efficiency. The conveyor belt continuously carries food items through the cooking chamber at a controlled pace, replacing the need for conventional stationary oven racks. This guarantees that every item is exposed to the cooking elements uniformly and optimizes throughput by removing the need for manual intervention.

The adaptability of steam conveyor ovens is one of their main benefits. Everything from delicate pastries and shellfish to substantial meats and veggies may be baked in these ovens. Chefs can precisely adjust the temperature, humidity, and conveyor speed to customize the cooking environment to meet the unique needs of various meals, leading to consistently excellent outcomes.

Moreover, convenience and efficiency are key considerations in the construction of steam conveyor ovens. A lot of models have easy-to-use interfaces and programmable controls, which simplify heating and reduce the need for human supervision. This lowers labor expenses and frees up the kitchen staff to work on other projects, increasing production all around.

The advantages of steam conveyor ovens go beyond culinary applications to take health and safety into account. Food is better and more fulfilling when prepared in a regulated steam environment because nutrients and flavors are preserved. Furthermore, by maintaining strict food safety regulations while cooking food to perfection, the exact cooking temperatures attained in these ovens aid in the removal of dangerous microorganisms.

We at Kerone produce the conveyorized heater/dryer that has perforated belt, through which input material passes through the heater/dryer. Steam of air is either passed under and through, or over and through the belt and item couch before being heated and re-flowed. Units are ordinarily multiple heating zoned and may have varying steaming flow in progressive zones. Also each one zone may utilize an alternate temperature profile and control.

The food could also be transported through a multi-pass conveyor dryer where it would change with motorized conveyor roller.

Feature of Steam Conveyor Ovens

  • Very close contact with Steam.
  • Multiple temperature zones offer flexibility for temperature and process control
  • Excellent transfer of energy from point to point
  • Can vary flows between zones
  • Careful handling of product
  • Programmable speed control
  • Self contained with distributed foundation loading
  • Unit can have integral cooling section

Application of Steam Conveyor Ovens

  • Baking
  • Roasting
  • Steaming
  • Cooking Poultry
  • Multi-Functional Cooking
  • High-Volume Production
  • Consistency in Quality
  • Reduced Cooking Times
KERONE is pioneer in application and implementation engineering with its vast experience and team of professionals. KERONE is devoted to serve the industry to optimize their operations both economically and environmentally with its specialized heating and drying solutions.

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