Short Wave Infrared Heaters

Short Wave Infrared Heaters

Short wave infrared for the range from 780 nm to 1400 nm, these emitters radiates high heating power. Short wave infrared heaters find its application in the process that requires quick response as short wave IR heaters achieves full temperature with in second.

Short Wave Infrared Heaters from KERONE are appropriate for all applications in which the attainment of high temperatures in the shortest possible. Radiation eliminates the heat loss arising out of convection and saves energy being used in heating. The heat is delivered directly to the material as the infrared waves penetrate the material to be heated.

Short Wave Infrared Heaters provide excellent customization and control. With its sophisticated temperature control systems, users may customize the heat output intensity to meet their own needs and tastes. These heaters may be customized to match your particular demands, offering unmatched comfort and convenience, whether you need high-intensity heat for industrial procedures or soft warmth for a relaxing evening on the patio.

The capacity of Short Wave Infrared Heaters to provide even heating across wide regions is another noteworthy benefit. Unlike traditional heaters, which frequently produce hot patches and an uneven temperature distribution, infrared technology makes sure that the specified region is consistently heated. In addition to improving comfort, this consistent heating reduces energy waste, which lowers utility costs and has a smaller environmental effect.

There are several advantages to Short Wave Infrared Heaters in terms of dependability and safety. Traditional heating techniques carry the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and fire risks, but they do not rely on combustion or open flames to create heat. These heaters are safe to use indoors without causing any issues with ventilation or air quality because they also run quietly and emit no emissions.

Short Wave Infrared Heaters not only work incredibly well, but they also require very little upkeep and are incredibly robust. These heaters are made to endure severe weather conditions and are composed of premium materials for long-term dependability and trouble-free operation. Because there aren’t many moving components and no filters to change, there isn’t much maintenance needed, so consumers can enjoy constant warmth without worrying about regular upkeep.

To accommodate various uses and aesthetic tastes, Short Wave Infrared Heaters come in a range of forms and combinations. There are solutions available to match every space and architectural style, whether you choose subtle ceiling-mounted lights, flexible freestanding units, or elegant wall-mounted panels. Furthermore, these heaters offer flexibility and variety in installation since they may be utilized as independent units or easily incorporated into already-existing heating systems.

Advantage of Short Wave Infrared heaters

  • Heating is done by radiation, this eliminates loss of energy used for heating media and heat loss due to convection.
  • Here the infrared waves penetrate the material, on which it falls and delivers the heat directly to that material.

Feature of Short Wave Infrared heaters

  • High radiation density at low space requirements
  • Shorter no heating and cooling times
  • Good depth of radiation penetration into the material
  • Heated lengths from 1 inch up to 120 inches
  • Infinitely adjustable fast-reaction control
  • Stock, custom and OEM sizes
  • Linear power up to 400 Watts per inch
  • Twin tube heaters, tube format 23 x 11 mm
  • Filament temperature 1800 – 2200 °C


  • PET performs heating in stretch blow moulding machines.
  • Printing ink drying in offset machines.
  • Paper coating drying.
  • Pre-heating before embossing.
  • Screen printing curing on T-shirts.
  • Textiles and various such applications.
KERONE is pioneer in application and implementation engineering with its vast experience and team of professionals. KERONE is devoted to serve the industry to optimize their operations both economically and environmentally with its specialized heating and drying solutions.

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