Powder Transfer System

Powder Transfer System

KERONE along with its dedicated team of process equipment’s machinery producing and design team and technically equipped producing facilities has helped in succeeding in providing the prime quality and technically advanced process equipment’s for the various requirements of the Powder Transfer Systems.

The Powder Transfer System is one of the best systems available for accurately transferring either dry or wet powders or granules. It is the only vacuum, dense-phase system equipped with a unique filtering concept with the flat membrane.

It exploits vacuum and pressure to discharge powders eradicating gravity metering which required multilevel processes. It’s a great addition to any process accelerating production, improving safety and hygiene. Batching time can be significantly cut down to suit the existing process steps in order to be integrated with each other. We apply our products in various sectors such as chemical, food, agro, pharmaceutical and sugar, among other.

KERONE has over 48 years experience designing and producing custom industrial machinery based on the processing needs desired by our respective customers. We Powder Transfer System is designed according to the size and process requirements of the customer. To ensure that this KERONE’s Powder Transfer System/PTS are built with good interior and exterior material, discrete efforts have been taken to provide a perfect size and evenly-dispensed powder.

Systems for transferring powdered materials from one place to another that are both safe and effective are essential parts of many different businesses. Pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food additives, and other powders are among the many types of powders that these systems are made to handle. The ability of a powder transfer system to preserve product integrity while lowering the risk of contamination and guaranteeing precise dosage and transfer is fundamental.

The adaptability of powder transfer systems is one of its main advantages. They can be tailored to suit the unique needs of diverse applications, taking into account varied powder attributes such bulk density, particle size, and flowability. Because of its flexibility, industries are able to maximize production and efficiency in their processes.

The conveying mechanisms used in powder transfer systems are essential to their operation. These include gravity feeding, screw conveying, pneumatic conveying, and mechanical conveying techniques. Depending on variables including the desired throughput rates, the type of the powder, and the distance of transfer, each approach has unique benefits.

For example, pneumatic conveying uses air pressure to move powders through pipes or tubes, allowing for routing flexibility and long-distance capability. Conversely, screw conveying uses revolving augers to transfer powders inside closed areas, providing accurate flow rate control and reducing particulate matter emissions.

Powder transfer systems might involve a variety of additional machinery in addition to conveying mechanisms to improve functionality and performance. For the purpose of ensuring the uniform flow and cleanliness of the transferred powders, this may involve powder handling equipment like feeders, sifters, and filters. Furthermore, dust collection systems are essential for keeping the workplace safe and clean by catching airborne particles and avoiding contamination.

Main Components of Powder Transfer System

  • A vacuum conveying system utilizing Roots Blower, Modular construction equipment.
  • Jet Air Wand with Air regulating Damper.
  • Jet Air Wand fitted with stainless steel wire mesh to stop foreign particles entry in to process.
  • Entire transfer through electro polished pipe with curvilinear bends and isolating valves both manual & pneumatically actuated
  • Suitable filters pleated 5 micron in the product unloading chamber, pulse jet type for inside cleaning.

Application of Powder Transfer System

  • Inline milling
  • Sifting
  • Blending
  • Loading
  • Unloading
KERONE is pioneer in application and implementation engineering with its vast experience and team of professionals. KERONE is devoted to serve the industry to optimize their operations both economically and environmentally with its specialized heating and drying solutions.

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