Radio Frequency (RF) Dryer

Online Radio Frequency (RF) Dryer

No time to be wasted for achieving the consistent, efficient drying of material under process have became the common objective every manufacturer and the radio frequency dryer are amongst the new adaptive technologies that actually help to achieve all of them.

When a material is placed under the radio frequency fields of Online Radio Frequency (RF) Dryer the internal water molecules of material are energized and the material starts evaporating the water and moisture from within the material, the internal temperature is more than the surface, and the water is evaporated and material becomes dry.

KERONE is holding huge experience in designing, manufacturing and installation of customized Online Radio Frequency (RF) Dryer for various industrial applications based on the need and suitability of clients process requirements. The radio frequency (RF) dryers manufactured in KERONE are strictly follow the defined international standards.

Online Radio Frequency (RF) Dryer are known for their efficiency because they cut drying times considerably when compared to conventional techniques. Online Radio Frequency (RF) Dryer reduce energy usage and minimize the danger of heat damage to delicate materials by directly heating the moisture content of the material, removing the need for extended exposure to high temperatures. Furthermore, RF drying systems’ precise control capabilities guarantee the best drying conditions for various materials, improving the uniformity and quality of the final product.

The superior product quality and operational efficiency of Online RF dryers are also a result of its innovative technology. Effectively removing moisture from the air, Online Radio Frequency (RF) Dryer helps avoid common drying process flaws like shrinkage, warping, and uneven drying. For companies in a variety of industries, this leads to better product yields, decreased waste, and enhanced profitability. Furthermore, the ability to precisely manage drying conditions, along with the automated operation and real-time monitoring capabilities of RF drying systems, ensures consistent outcomes and minimizes unproductive time.

The Online Radio Frequency (RF) Dryer capabilities are further enhanced by the integration of advanced automation and control systems, which also facilitates a smooth connection with Industry 4.0 principles and smart manufacturing efforts. RF drying systems can collect real-time performance data, monitor important parameters, and optimize drying operations for optimal productivity and efficiency thanks to their networking features and data analytics capabilities. Furthermore, preventive maintenance and troubleshooting are made possible by remote monitoring and diagnostics, which reduces the possibility of unplanned downtime and guarantees uninterrupted functioning.

Advantages of Radio Frequency Dryers:

  • Radio Frequency heats items straightforwardly and through the thickness of the item. This results in quicker drying.
  • Radio Frequency heats from inner surface material and not much constraint with its conducting ability.
  • No overheating of material under process
  • Distinctive materials heat at diverse rates so it is conceivable to high temperature one and only piece of a composite material or to dry a covering without warming the substrate. This enhances item quality by not heating touchy materials.
  • Spontaneous ON/OFF control
  • Environmental friendly and very clean process
  • Radio Frequency Heater/Dryers save operational cost by saving time, energy and increased controlled heating

Feature of Online Radio Frequency (RF) Dryer

  • Designed to handle wide range of Products
  • PLC control with fault identification
  • Superior quality processed product at highest rate of production
  • Flexible, accurate and effective at low rates of energy utilization
  • Meets appropriate regulations all through the world
  • Batch Type Front opening Radio Frequency (RF) Heater/ dryers
  • Conveyorized continuous Radio Frequency (RF) heaters/dryers.


Radio frequency drying is often used to dry crackers, cookies, and other snack foods after they’ve been baked. It can also be used to dry ceramics, synthetic foam, textiles, water-based inks and adhesives in paper products, and fiberglass yarn. Other applications include sterilizing bagged materials and preheating thermoset plastic molding compounds. Drying municipal sludge and timber is being investigated.KERONE is pioneer in application and implementation engineering with its vast experience and team of professionals. KERONE is devoted to serve the industry to optimize their operations both economically and environmentally with its specialized heating and drying solutions.

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