Microwave Heating in Pharmaceutical

Microwave Heating in Pharmaceutical

Microwave is no more very new technological concept, however the key is utilization of the microwave heating systems for pharmaceutical and chemical processing. Microwave heating provide the advantages over the other techniques in terms of helping them to achieve higher processing rate in lesser time without harming the texture and property.

At Kerone, we have been helping our pharmaceutical and chemical processing client since last many years with our Microwave Heating in Pharmaceutical/microwave heating/drying systems for the peroration of dosage, chemical reactions, sterilisation & disinfection, drying of powders, tablet coating, agglomerates, preparing get beads. The microwave heating has opened a new method to regulator the physicochemical properties and drug delivery rate of pharmaceutical dosage without the need for excessive heat, lengthy process or toxic reactants.

In the pharmaceutical industry, microwave heating pertains to a technique whereby electromagnetic radiation in the microwave frequency range is applied to expedite the processing of medicinal products. The capacity of this approach to accurately and efficiently heat materials has drawn interest, as it provides benefits over conventional heating techniques like convection or conduction. Microwave heating in pharmaceutical applications for a number of procedures, such as drug formulation, synthesis, drying, and sterilization.

Microwave heating in Pharmaceutical techniques offer a rapid and effective means of decontaminating equipment and packaging materials, helping to ensure product safety and quality.  All things considered, microwave heating in pharmaceutical are still being investigated and refined for a variety of pharmaceutical uses, with the potential to boost productivity, cut expenses, and improve product quality in the pharmaceutical sector.

The application of microwave heating in pharmaceutical industry has been demonstrated to boost yields and quicken reaction times while preserving the quality of the finished product during the synthesis of medicinal chemicals. In addition, effective methods for drying pharmaceutical formulations with microwave assistance have been developed, which saves energy and processing times.

We have helped many pharmaceutical and chemical giants with our microwave heating systems for below applications:

Microwave Heating/Drying System for Drug Extraction :

Drug extraction is process of separating the active and inactive component by selective extraction of procedure. Conventional techniques are time and solvent consuming, also thermally insecure and the analysis of numerous components in plant material is restricted by extraction step. The microwave heating in pharmaceutical designed by the Kerone, provide the capability of high and fast extraction ability with less solvent consumption and protection against any thermal hazards.

Expertise earned over last 48 years makes us the reliable choice for providing the best quality microwave based system for drug extraction. Kerone’s drug extraction systems provides following feature:
  • Can Easily Be Integrated Into Automated Systems
  • Lends Itself To The Development Of New Products
  • Desirable Chemical And Physical Effects Are Produced
  • High Heating Efficiency
  • Environmental Heat Loss Can Be Avoided
  • Hassle-Free Working
  • Longer Service Life
  • Rugged Construction

Advantages Of Microwave For Drug Extraction:

  • Faster Extraction Process
  • Thermally Safe
  • No Environmental Loss
  • Constant Heating Ensues Throughout The Material
  • Process Speed Is Increased
  • Desirable Chemical And Physical Effects Are Produced.
  • Floor Space Requirements Are Decreased.
  • Better And More Rapid Process Control Is Achieved.
  • No Gaseous Emission

Microwave based heating/drying system for digestion :

Digestion is the process by which samples are broken down to their basic constituents for chemical analysis. Microwave Digestion process consist of the microwave heater- absorbing reagents inside pressurized microwave container, in contrast to conventional open vessel digestion. In closed microwave-transparent pressure vessels the samples are heated composed with appropriate acid solution to temperatures that are normally ranging from 200°C and 260°C so that the sample is completely degraded and dissolved.

Application of microwave heating in pharmaceutical in the field of food pasteurization and sterilization had faced lot of challenges at the frequency of 915 MHz, microwave based At Kerone, we help our client with our range of digestion system that offers below advantages and features:
  • Speed of heating
  • Accelerates the reaction rate
  • The time required for the process of digestion
  • Microwave digestion processes are cleaner and more environmentally friendly than conventional heating
  • Precisely controllable
  • Reactions with microwave is easily producible
  • Temperature of the reaction can be easily monitored and controlled
  • Higher Yield
  • Purity of the product
  • Adjustable batch time process

Microwave system for Chemical synthesis :

At Kerone, we design the and build the various type of chemical synthesisers build with the Microwave as the major source of heating to expedite the chemical synthesising process. Kerones Microwave Heating in Pharmaceutical and microwave based chemical synthesis process provide the speed in chemical synthesis. Microwave Heating in Pharmaceutical enhances the synthesis and does the work faster, provides higher yield, product purity increases and reliably process the milligram to much larger quantity without the need of any reaction optimization.

Microwave based chemical synthesis systems developed by the Kerone post studying the detailed requirement of our client, allows the following advantages:

  • Higher reaction temperatures can be obtained with the microwave heating solution.
  • Chemicals having lower steaming temperature can be heated at considerable higher temperature than that of its boiling
  • Significantly reduced reaction times
  • Higher yields
  • Cleaner reaction profiles
  • Additional expressed reaction optimization and library synthesis.
  • As heating takes place within the core it results in uniform heating
  • Selective heating can easily be achieved
  • Easy on-line control of temperature and pressure control can be done which results in easy reproduction.
  • Microwave heating is more energy efficient than conventional heating systems.

Microwave Heating in Pharmaceutical

Microwave Heating in Pharmaceutical is not very old concept in field of chemical drying and powder drying, however it has gain its popularity very rapidly, the demand of microwave based dryer have surged in the chemical drying and powder drying processes due to the significant advantages that it provides over conventional or other drying systems. Microwave heating in pharmaceutical containing the moisture when exposed to the microwave excites the polar molecules and ions causing the rapid movement of the ions, this frictional heat generated due to this movement of ions at very rapid rate and evaporates water instantly.

At Kerone, we provide the Microwave Heating in Pharmaceutical and chemical processing industries having most demanded configuration that comprises of Vacuum and microwave, this combination helps in drying of any type of material at very fast rate. Kerones’ microwave based dryer can be utilised for continuous drying this will help in reducing the batching time.

Advantages of Microwave Heating in Pharmaceutical:
  • Any Size, structure and dimension of material can be dried achieving the desired output.
  • Easy integration with automated and conveyed systems.
  • Drying time is very less
  • Reduces handling errors and production costs.

Microwave heating/drying system for thawing:

Process of bringing back the drugs from freeze state to normal state is known as Thawing.

Thawing is achieved by the way of heating the freezed substance, however the conventional heating system which heats from surface to within the material may cause issues such as uneven thawing, requires larger time for thawing as the heat penetration takes time from surface to within the material.

Kerone’s Microwave Heating in Pharmaceutical designed and built after studying the detailed requirement of client is one of the reliable methods for thawing, in this the majority of drug preparation was unaffected. The stability of drugs both physical and chemical are left unaffected after microwave thawing. Microwave Heating in Pharmaceutical for thawing reduces processing cost and time. Frozen potions of 100-500 ml volume were thawed consistently without overheating.

Linear associations were established for microwave power output and thawing rate and for infusion load size and thawing time. microwave heating in pharmaceutical also produced about 10% reduction in microbial count. Cloxacillin sodium, Flucloxacillin sodium and Ticarcillin disodium were reconstituted in 0.9% sodium chloride and in 5% dextrose solutions, stored frozen for up to 9 months, and stability of the antibiotics were assayed following microwave thawing.

Showed the effect of infusion volume, infusion load size and microwave power on rate of thawing. Frozen infusions of 100-500 ml volume were thawed evenly and reproducibly without overheating. Linear relationships were demonstrated for microwave power output and thawing rate and for infusion load size and thawing time. It was noted that these relationships enable predetermination of microwave thawing times. On the basis of the results guidelines for this system were developed. Microwave Heating in Pharmaceutical also caused about 10% reduction in microbial count. Cloxacillin sodium, Flucloxacillin sodium and Ticarcillin disodium were reconstituted in 0.9% sodium chloride and in 5% dextrose solutions, stored frozen for up to 9 months, and stability of the antibiotics were assayed following microwave thawing.

Advantages of Microwave based thawing:
  • Microwaves systems are more compact, requiring a smaller equipment space or footprint.
  • Microwaves generate higher power densities, enabling increased production speeds and decreased production costs.
  • Environmental heat loss is save
  • Reduction in unwanted side reaction
  • Desirable chemical and physical effects are produced.
  • Improve reproducibility
  • Uniform heating result in proper thawing from inner core to outer surface
  • Reduction in unwanted side reaction

Microwave in Grease and Lubricant Industry :

The Grease and oil Lubricant industry development rate is continue expanding and the development rate of this industry is specifically connected with the car and apparatus interest and development rate, as great quality oil and ointment are presently the interest of circumstance. Greases and oil items constitute a downstream claim to fame business that creates huge incomes and benefits for makers. The greater part of the real oil organizations are key players in the ointments business, yet free makers still hold a noteworthy offer of ointment volume in numerous nations.

KERONE is one of the trusted name in Microwaves heating systems and our 48 years excellence had established our name amongst global leaders in design and build of industrial microwave heaters and dryers.

Conventional grease manufacturing process heat the oil to formulate it in grease by the means of convection heating techniques, the conventional process results in the slow and no uniform heating of the oil, which used to result in improper settling of oil and results in poor quality grease. On other hand if microwave is used it heated the oil not from the surface but every molecule of the oil soak up the microwave and microwave transforms it energy in oil and this results in excitation of these molecules and rapid rate. Hence this result in uniform and rapid heating of the vegetable oil.

Various advantages offered by the Microwave to grease and lubricant industries are as follows:
  • Faster process manufacturing process
  • Better quality of output produced
  • Microwave heater manufactured by KERONE requires lesser space
  • Microwave heaters provide better control on process and better process safety
KERONE is pioneer in application and implementation engineering with its vast experience and team of professionals. KERONE is devoted to serve the industry to optimize their operations both economically and environmentally with its specialized heating and drying solutions.


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