Microwave Air Jet Plasma

The novel technology known as Microwave Air Jet Plasma uses high-velocity air jets with microwave energy to produce a regulated plasma environment that can be used for a variety of industrial and scientific purposes. Fundamentally, microwaves are used in Microwave Air Jet Plasma to introduce air into the microwave field and produce plasma, a state of matter made up of highly energetic ions, electrons, and neutral particles.

Microwave air jet plasma is a type of plasma that is generated by exposing a stream of air to a high-power microwave field. This causes a discharge of plasma, which is made up of radicals, electrons, and ions, among other excited species. The energy from the microwave field usually sustains the plasma, which has a variety of uses including surface treatment, material processing, and pollution management.

The ability to generate plasma remotely and non-contact makes microwave air jet plasma particularly handy when treating sensitive materials or objects. It is also possible to selectively remove or alter surface layers using the high-energy plasma without harming the underlying material.

Research on microwave air jet plasma is still underway, and attempts are being made to optimize the technology for different uses. Uses for Kerone’s microwave air jet plasma systems are numerous and include material processing, pollution control, and surface treatment. The company’s systems are built for great efficiency and dependability, and it provides tailored solutions based on the needs of individual customers. In order to produce a high-energy plasma, Kerone’s microwave air jet plasma systems ionize a stream of air using a high-power microwave generator.

Kerone is now working in business cooperation and partnership with Fricke and Mallah GMBH on the research, development, and commercialization of microwave air jet plasma applications. We also produce additional varieties of microwave heating systems, including vacuum technology, air jet plasma technology, solid state generators, chemical vapor deposition systems, and other varieties.

Features of Microwave Air Jet Plasma

  • Non-thermal plasma
  • High-energy plasma
  • Remote plasma generation
  • Tunable plasma properties
  • Low-cost and efficient

Application of Microwave Air Jet Plasma

  • Surface treatment
  • Material processing
  • Pollution control
  • Food processing
  • Medical applications
  • Nanomaterial synthesis

Advantages of Microwave Air Jet Plasma

  • Efficient Energy Transfer
  • Enhanced Plasma Stability
  • Controlled Gas Flow
  • Non-Toxic Carrier Gas
  • Low Thermal Impact
  • Environmental Compatibility

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