KERONE has always been dedicated and committed its self for developing and designing highly efficient, economical and long life Gas Infrared burners. We serving the market since last 48 years, our experience made us one of the dependable source for superior quality product from the customer’s point of view.

Every Single gas infrared burner manufactured in KERONE is given exceptional interest and designed and customized as per the customer’s process demand unlike off the self products, gas infrared burners designed and manufactured in KERONE are strictly adhering to the our ISO 9001-2008 compliant quality assurance process to check the reliability, sustainability and efficiency of gas infrared burners. The high conversion efficiency, hasty heat transfer and low contaminant discharges are amongst the few of the reasons that gas infrared burners designed by KERONE are preferred over the others in market.
  • MFB-Burner
  • Conveyorised Gas Infrared Ovens
  • Gas IR Heating Systems For Preheating And Post Heating Of Seam Welds
  • Gas Infrared Heating System/ Gas Surface Heating System
  • Heating Systems For Paper Coating And Curings

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