Medium Wave Infrared Heating Moulds

Medium Wave Infrared Heating Moulds

The Medium Wave Infrared Modules manufactured at KERONE, having resistance wire enclosed in quartz tube. The quartz tubes are specially housed and placed parallel one another.

Medium Wave Infrared Heating Moulds can apply the targeted heat in not time, with the easily, and maintaining high efficiency almost all type of product that is exposed for heating or drying.

The ultimate in precise heating technology is embodied in Medium Wave Infrared Heating Moulds. These innovative molds use medium wave infrared radiation to accurately and effectively heat materials, transforming a range of industrial production processes. Medium Wave Infrared Heating Moulds are an essential tool for contemporary production because they provide unmatched control, consistency, and energy efficiency compared to conventional heating techniques.

The fundamental idea of Medium Wave Infrared Heating Moulds is infrared radiation, an electromagnetic radiation type with longer wavelengths than visible light. When medium wave infrared light, which has wavelengths that usually fall between 3 and 8 micrometers, contacts a material’s surface, its molecules vibrate and produce heat. By ensuring quick and even heating, this targeted heating system reduces energy loss and increases production efficiency.

The remarkable accuracy of Medium Wave Infrared Heating Moulds¬†is one of its main benefits. Temperature gradients can be difficult to accurately manage using traditional heating systems, which can result in uneven heating and less than ideal outcomes. On the other hand, MWIR heating molds provide accurate temperature control with little change in temperature throughout the mold’s surface. Because of this accuracy, producers can produce reliable, high-quality products without having to deal with expensive flaws and rework.

Medium Wave Infrared Heating Moulds are incredibly flexible and may be made to fit a variety of materials and forms. MWIR heating molds may easily handle a wide range of industrial requirements, whether it be for molding metals, composites, or plastics. Their capacity to swiftly and evenly heat materials results in quicker cycle times and higher output, helping firms to fulfill deadlines and maintain their competitiveness in the fast-moving market of today.

Another distinguishing feature of Medium Wave Infrared Heating Moulds is their energy efficiency, which makes them economical and ecologically good for producers. MWIR heating molds cut carbon emissions and total energy consumption by directly transferring heat to the material without the need for intermediary heating devices or wasteful energy use. This not only fits with environmental objectives, but it also results in substantial long-term cost savings for manufacturers.

When it comes to heat transfer, Medium Wave Infrared Heating Moulds are superior to traditional heating techniques. Deep penetration of the material by the concentrated infrared radiation guarantees complete heating of the mold cavity. With less heating time and energy used, quicker production cycles and higher throughput are possible without compromising quality thanks to this effective heat transmission.

Medium Wave Infrared Heating Moulds are highly technological, but they also put user safety and convenience first. Precise temperature control and monitoring are made possible by advanced control systems, which maximize heating efficiency while lowering the possibility of overheating or material damage. With their intuitive interfaces and easy-to-use controls, MWIR heating molds are simple to use, requiring less training and lowering the possibility of human mistake.

Features of Medium Wave Infrared Heating Moulds

  • Easy integration / compact design
  • Modular construction
  • Fast delivery
  • High power
  • High efficiency
  • Medium wavelengths
  • Easy connection


  • Thermoforming.
  • Plastic forming.
  • Shrink packaging Tunnels.
  • Laminating.
  • Rubber curing.
  • Textiles drying.
  • Drying lacquers and paints.
KERONE is pioneer in application and implementation engineering with its vast experience and team of professionals. KERONE is devoted to serve the industry to optimize their operations both economically and environmentally with its specialized heating and drying solutions.

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