Low temperature water bath

A Low Temperature water bath is a device that retains water at a constant temperature. It is mainly used in laboratory for incubations at the lower temperature.

KERONE offer fully controllable Low Temperature Water Bath which can be easily controlled and maintained desired temperature for the specified duration of the time.


  • Dual LED screen displays temperature and time
  • Protection against compressor overload, high/low voltage and current
  • Offers precise temperature control and uniformity
  • Inner and outer chamber made of stainless steel is corrosion resistant and sturdy
  • Equipped with caster for easy installation
  • Convenient and reliable operation
  • Stainless steel working chamber
  • Intelligent microcomputer temperature adjuster
  • Digital display of temperature setup and measure
  • PID parameters controlling function
  • High accuracy and dependability of temperature controlling
  • Cooling device assembly

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