Lab And Pilot Scale Coating Line

Lab and Pilot Scale Coating Line

Lab and Pilot Scale Coating Line is a versatile and indispensable piece of equipment in various industries, particularly in research and development settings. This cutting-edge system enables scientists, engineers, and researchers to experiment with and refine coating processes on a smaller, more controlled scale before scaling up for production. It comprises a range of components, such as precision coating applicators, drying ovens, and quality control instruments, all integrated into a compact and adaptable platform.

Lab and Pilot Scale Coating Line is an advanced solution for research and development laboratories and small scale production facilities. We integrate to higher technology and expertise in coating technology with dedication to reliability and quality.

We design our systems to bridge the gap between experiments conducted in the lab and pilot scale coating line production that have precision coating processes. Kerone customizable solutions show how serious we are with regards to satisfying customers and supplying them with machinery they require. Their laboratory and pilot scale coating lines embody perfect balance of novelty and performance, making them preferred solutions provider to manufacturing superior coating technology.

However, if you would like for it earlier in its life of release, if you need small scale production system or a drying technology for research or labs, then we will be your trust worthy option for your drying technology for coating labs and for your pilot scale technology. The clients have witnessed excellent results from our lab and pilot scale coating line systems. Indeed, even some pilot scale coating systems are designed with ease of installation in mind (with or without changes).

The Lab and Pilot scale coating line unit are available in sizes ranging from 10 inches to over 50 inches. By designing a coating system operating at lab-scale or pilot-scale, we ensure that it delivers equal degree of high quality and efficiency as compared to production scale coating system. Lab and Pilot Scale Coating Line Capabilities include various including Gravure Coating, Knife coating, Curtain Coating, Knife-over-roll Coating, Web Coating, and Mayer Rod Coating.

It would also be ideal for the small scale production, NPD (New product development) and science Labs to have a lab scale or pilot scale coating line whose only purpose is to test coating chemistry on coating combinations with substrates that fit such small scale production. Machines can be flexible and easily adapting.

Features of Lab and Pilot Scale Coating Line

  • Big Coating Performance by small size equipment
  • Suitable to handle small input and provide better performance
  • Technically reliable and efficient
  • Flexible, highly efficient coating machine for high quality
  • Aesthetically vibrant and Technically advanced

Uses of Lab and Pilot Scale Coating Line

  • R&D
  • Flexible packaging
  • Flexible printed electronics
  • Security printing
  • Medical and pharmaceuticals
  • Fuel Cells and batteries
  • OLED’s and OVD’s
  • Holograms
  • Laminating
KERONE is pioneer in application and implementation engineering with its vast experience and team of professionals. KERONE is devoted to serve the industry to optimize their operations both economically and environmentally with its specialized heating and drying solutions.

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