IR Booster Ovens

IR Booster Ovens

KERONE is pleased to be the business pioneer for building and supplying electric Infrared Booster Ovens for Powder Coating applications. We work specifically with produces and frameworks integrators to give you the best heating supplies for your application.

We perceive that in today’s higher evaluated utility market that our clients need to amplify generation while diminishing operational expenses. As a rule by adding an electric IR Booster Ovens to your convection stove you can capably do both while likewise enhancing quality. We have seen clients decrease working expenses up to half and much all the more at times, and expand line speeds by 50-100%.

The KERONE electric infrared booster broiler is likewise an ecologically benevolent, dependable decision. Our clean electric heaters don’t create earth risky by-items, or add some other variables to the methodology. The heater style is turned out to be the most astounding proficiency accessible providing for you the most heat exchange for your vitality dollar. Indeed the ensuing surrounding heat can be redirected into the convection broiler for included reserve funds. With late government “Green” activities and commands to decrease carbon foot shaped impressions, Electric Infrared Equipment is the perfect decision to lessen discharges and use a clean vitality efficient heat source.

In the ever-changing realm of industrial baking, effectiveness, accuracy, and creativity are paramount. Let me introduce you to IR Booster Ovens, an innovative technology that has the potential to completely transform the baking industry. These ovens use infrared (IR) radiation to bake food at previously unheard-of speeds, degrees of consistency, and quality.

The advanced heating system that powers IR booster ovens transfers heat directly to the baked product’s surface by means of infrared radiation. Infrared ovens (IR) quickly and evenly absorb heat by penetrating the surface of the dough or batter, in contrast to traditional ovens that rely on convection or conduction. The irregularities frequently found in standard baking procedures are eliminated with this special heating method, which guarantees even baking from edge to edge.

The amazing speed of IR Booster Ovens is one of their most amazing qualities. Baking times with conventional ovens can be extended, which causes production bottlenecks and higher energy usage. IR Booster Ovens, on the other hand, bake food more faster without sacrificing quality since they run at lightning-fast speeds. Because of the faster baking process and increased output, bakeries and food manufacturers are better equipped to fulfill the fast-paced needs of the modern market.

Unmatched control and precision over the baking process are provided by IR Booster Ovens. Innovative humidity and temperature sensors keep an eye on the oven’s interior conditions to guarantee that ideal baking conditions are always maintained. This exact control reduces waste by decreasing the possibility of overbaked or under baked items, while also improving product consistency.

There are no limits to the uses for IR Booster Ovens. These ovens are capable of easily handling a broad variety of baked foods, including delicate pastries, robust biscuits, and artisanal bread. With customizable settings that may be altered to meet particular baking needs and recipe requirements, bakers are given unprecedented freedom to express their creativity and create culinary marvels.


Advantages of IR Booster Ovens

Adding a Booster Oven in front of a Traditional Convection Oven.
  • Parts are heated to desired temperature before entering convection oven.
  • Powder flows or pre-gels before entering air flow to eliminate blow off or color contamination.
  • Increased line speed, production, maximizing resources.
  • Reduce convection oven by half or more, lower temperature and operation costs.
  • Better quality cure.
  • Smaller foot print results in less work in progress.
KERONE is pioneer in application and implementation engineering with its vast experience and team of professionals. KERONE is devoted to serve the industry to optimize their operations both economically and environmentally with its specialized heating and drying solutions.

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