Infrared Vacuum Heating Systems

Infrared Vacuum Heating Systems

Infrared heating system by KERONE is a reliable heating source, having capability to transfer large amount of heat in shorter time, and easy switch on and off mechanism helps in saving of energy required for as source of firing.

Infrared Vacuum Heating Systems, where ideas are allowed to flow simultaneously with work. Innovation makes efficiency go beyond time and expense; it can redefine warmth itself. The superior heating technology uses infrared radiation to provide an efficient and comfortable living environment. In contrast to traditional systems that heat people by way of the air, infrared vacuum space heaters directly warm their occupants.

The systems we offer have a sleek modern design which fits into any living environment, and are the quietest of all heating methods. No matter whether you want to make your house even more comfortable or up the energy efficiency of your business’s operating environment and achieve a sustainable warm living standard that will also benefit the planet at large Infrared Vacuum Heating System help to solve all these problems.

KERONE ‘s Infrared Vacuum Heating Systems is a safe heat source that can easily generate a large amount of warming in short time, and its convenient switch-on slip switching helps to conserve energy for firing. It then passes through the air and water, so no direct contact with material is needed. Infrared heaters Only small improvements were needed in structure to make them useful for the Vacuum.

Infrared Vacuum Heating Systems are innovative devices that utilize infrared radiation principles. Infrared heating works by generating electromagnetic waves that directly heat things and surfaces within a space, in contrast to traditional heating systems that rely on convection or forced air. By doing away with the necessity to initially heat the air, the surroundings may be warmed quickly and effectively.

Vacuum insulation is one of the main characteristics that set infrared vacuum heating systems apart. These systems significantly minimize heat loss through conduction and convection by generating a vacuum environment inside the heating panels or tubes. Significant energy savings and enhanced heating performance result from this vacuum insulation technology’s assurance that the generated heat is effectively transported to the intended locations without vanishing into the surrounding air.

Because of its many advantages, infrared vacuum heating systems are the system of choice for many contemporary heating applications. First of all, by providing constant, uniform warmth throughout the room, these systems offer unmatched comfort. Infrared heating guarantees equal heating throughout the space, unlike traditional heaters that could leave hot and cold areas, giving residents a comfortable and welcoming environment. Since forced air heating systems frequently circulate dust, pollen, and other airborne particles, infrared vacuum heating systems improve interior air quality.

Reflectors of superior design and performance with side, bottom and tilted shield options
  • Run indicator light.
  • Couplings that outperform all others.
  • Burner housing with no loose service doors.
  • Filters are easily changed even with outside combustion air fitted.
  • Vacuum pumps are corrosion resistant, heavy duty construction with several sizes available to best match the system.
  • Decorative grills can be installed as an option

Features of Infrared Vacuum Heating Systems

  • Low voltage
  • Sealed heaters
  • Tungsten or carbon
  • Fire polished for clean room conditions
  • Single- or double-ended lamps
  • Molybdenum wire connections

Applications of Infrared Vacuum Heating Systems

  • Heating wafers in de-gassing and annealing processes
  • Drying of products in vacuum chambers
  • Coating processes in vacuum chambers
  • Food packaging
  • Plastic forming
KERONE is pioneer in application and implementation engineering with its vast experience and team of professionals. KERONE is devoted to serve the industry to optimize their operations both economically and environmentally with its specialized heating and drying solutions.

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