Immersion Heaters

Immersion Heaters

At KERONE we are designing and manufacturing wide range of immersion heater based on the process requirement of the client , having different specifications and build with the quality materials.

These heaters are immersed into the chemical or the liquid to be heated; hence it comes in direct contact with the heating substance. Since the immersion heaters are put inside the liquid so all heat is generated within the liquid, hence almost 100% energy is utilized. KERONE provides various temperature control options in its immersions heaters. It can be designed for heating any type of fluid, from plain water to high corrosive chemical solution, highly viscous oils, and for many specialized applications of high pressurized or hazardous chemical or process.

Immersion heaters are a vital component of many homes and businesses, offering dependable and effective heating solutions for a broad range of uses. These heaters work by creating heat by electrical resistance when submerged directly in liquids, such chemicals, water, or oil. They are a popular option for heating huge volumes of liquids in industrial operations, heating water in domestic settings, and maintaining ideal temperatures in commercial applications due to their versatility, simplicity of installation, and accurate temperature control.

To meet varied needs, immersion heater are available in a variety of styles and configurations. Flanged immersion heaters, screw plug immersion heaters, and over-the-side immersion heater are the most popular varieties. Immersion heaters with a flange, which makes installation and removal from tanks or containers simple, are commonly found in industrial applications. Because they are smaller, screw plug immersion heaters are frequently utilized in smaller tanks or vessels. Because they are made to hang over the side of a tank, over-the-side immersion heaters are appropriate for situations where there is a shortage of space or if the tank cannot be emptied in order to install the warmer.

Apart from its adaptability, immersion heaters provide accurate temperature regulation, enabling customers to preserve particular liquid temperature levels. This degree of control is necessary in operations like water treatment, chemical processing, and the manufacturing of food and beverages where temperature constancy is vital. A lot of immersion heaters have temperature controllers or thermostats built in, which allow the heating element to be automatically regulated for best performance and to avoid overheating.

In addition, immersion heaters are very low maintenance and long-lasting, which makes them an economical heating option over time. Immersion heaters can give years of dependable service with correct installation and routine maintenance, which lowers downtime and operating expenses. Furthermore, developments in heating technology have given rise to the creation of energy-efficient immersion heaters, which reduce overall operating costs and energy consumption.

Immersion heaters are adaptable, dependable, and effective heating options with uses in a range of homes and businesses. They are essential instruments for heating liquids in tanks, vessels, and boilers because of their durability, capacity to provide homogeneous heating, and ability to precisely manage temperature. Immersion heaters are still the go-to option for modern homes and businesses seeking to satisfy their heating demands since technological breakthroughs are enabling improvements in insulation and performance.

We are having experience in manufacturing various types of heaters such as:

Features of Immersion Heaters

  • Rugged and light weight construction
  • Control mechanism
  • Low and easy maintenance
  • Solid construction
  • Quick and Easy installation
  • Precisely designed and engineered
  • Hassle-free functioning
  • Longer service life
  • High durability
  • Energy and Cost efficient
  • Efficient performance
  • Screw plug immersion heater
  • Flange immersion heater
  • Over-the-side heaters
  • Pipe Insert (Dry Well) Heaters
  • Portable Tank Heater
  • Applications

  • Hot water storage tanks
  • Pre-heating oil & water
  • Food processing equipment
  • Cleaning and rinsing equipment
  • Heat transfer, Process and Boiler equipment
  • In Air conditioning, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Textiles and Nuclear Industry etc.KERONE is pioneer in application and implementation engineering with its vast experience and team of professionals. KERONE is devoted to serve the industry to optimize their operations both economically and environmentally with its specialized heating and drying solutions.

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