Gas Fired Conveyor Ovens

Gas fired conveyor ovens are oven equipment’s with multiple uses including drying and processing. Gas fired conveyor ovens use natural gas as a source of heat. The oven designs are consist of conveyor belt systems that move goods/materials through a heated chamber while ensuring optimum heating.

Gas fired conveyor oven is an integral part of the contemporary manufacturing and processing plants that enable uniform heating operation. Our ovens are tailor made for high volume productions. We provide a generic solution to different use cases in multiple sectors. These ovens use gas as the main energy source, which allows for quick heating and maintaining a particular temperature required for various tasks; drying, curing, baking, annealing, etc. Gas Fired Conveyor Ovens that have combined energy efficiency with low costs are the most sought after ovens in many industries such as food processing, automotive, electronics, and so on. In that regards, the ovens we have incorporated in Kerone are computerized and come with advanced control systems enabling them monitor and correct some critical parameters as they produce the product for the utmost perfection of the product.


  • It is similar to Electrical belt Conveyor Oven but it has Oil/Gas fired heat exchanger as heating media instead of electrical heating elements.
  • The total fuel consumption varies depending upon the size of working chamber & the working temperature.
  • Saves running cost as compared to electrical conveyor oven.
  • The air circulation is done with the help of dynamically balanced blowers to achieve uniform temperature throughout the inner chamber.
  • Fully automatic imported burners are fitted on the heat exchanger for burning of Oil/ LPG.
  • Temperature control: Automatic-Electronic
  • Heating Media: Diesel or LPG fired.
  • Easy to operate requires minimum training.

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