Conveyorised Gas Infrared Ovens

Conveyorised Gas Infrared Ovens

At KERONE, we design/manufacture a wide variety of continuous process ovens. Designs include flat conveyor belt style, chain conveyors, Ferris wheel, carousel, overhead trolley, serpentine, chain-on-edge, spindle, slat type, strip cure, print plate, pusher ovens, dog beams, wash-draw furnaces, as well as specialized custom conveyor ovens (Horizontal/vertical).

Industrial Heating, Drying and Curing Processes Revolutionized by Conveyorised Gas Infrared Ovens. These ovens have a robust legacy of designing, development and technical expertise, hence, they have been optimally configured to serve different industrial needs ranging from automobiles, aeronautics, and food/electronics productions, among others. The excellence in performance is evidenced by our Conveyorised Gas Infrared Ovens.

Every oven is designed only after by carefully studying the client’s specific process requirement to develop the heating system that will best fit for the application requirement. We also hold our expertise in designing of Conveyorised Gas Infrared Ovens that uses the efficient gas firing system designed cautiously by the KERONE. The conveyorised gas fired infrared (IR) ovens are manufactured after scrutinizing the speed, heating and cooling zone requirements. Conveyorised gas fired infrared (IR) ovens manufactured are having heating zone control and conveyor speed control mechanism.

Conveyorised Gas Infrared Ovens, which provide effective and efficient solutions for a range of heating applications, have completely changed industrial operations. Conveyorized Gas Infrared Ovens are the most innovative and practical of them. With the precision of infrared technology combined with the benefits of gas heating, these ovens offer unmatched performance in drying, curing, and heating operations for a wide range of applications.

The use of natural gas or propane as a fuel source is the foundation of conveyorized gas infrared ovens. In addition to ensuring affordability, this fuel option supports environmental sustainability because it emits fewer pollutants than alternative energy sources. Because gas fuels are naturally flexible, they can be precisely customized to meet specific process needs by providing for exact control over temperature and heating profiles.

These ovens’ efficacy and efficiency are further increased by the addition of infrared heating technology. Without the use of intermediary heating media, infrared radiation from gas-fired ceramic or quartz infrared burners directly penetrates the material’s surface to provide quick and even heating. Because of this direct energy transfer, processing times are greatly shortened, energy efficiency is increased, and product quality is improved.

Conveyorised Gas Infrared Ovens are painstakingly made to fit different manufacturing requirements and limited area. Because of their modular design, they are simple to integrate into current conveyor systems, which optimizes efficiency and streamlines workflow. These ovens perform exceptionally well in a wide range of applications, such as drying coatings, curing adhesives, preheating substrates, and annealing plastics, regardless of the industry‚ÄĒautomotive, aerospace, food processing, or electronics.

Conveyorised Gas Infrared Ovens have excellent temperature control as one of their main benefits. In order to ensure uniform product quality and save energy waste, operators can maintain consistent temperatures throughout the heating process by combining advanced control systems with precise burner modulation techniques. Additionally, customized solutions for even the most complex heating requirements are made possible by the flexibility to modify heating strength and distribution.

Industrial heating processes place a high priority on safety, and Conveyorised Gas Infrared Ovens are designed with strict safety measures to reduce dangers. Automatic shutdown mechanisms along with integrated flame detection and monitoring systems guarantee dependable operation while reducing the risk of mishaps. Moreover, adherence to industry norms and guidelines emphasizes the dedication to provide operators a secure working environment.

Applications of Conveyorised Gas Infrared Ovens

  • Automotive Industry
  • Aerospace
  • Food Processing
  • Electronics Manufacturing
  • Textile Industry
  • Plastics Industry
  • Woodworking
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Print and Packaging
KERONE is pioneer in application and implementation engineering with its vast experience and team of professionals. KERONE is devoted to serve the industry to optimize their operations both economically and environmentally with its specialized heating and drying solutions.

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