Colour Changing Infrared Heaters

Colour Changing Infrared Heaters

Colour Changing Infrared Heaters: KERONE is leading name amongst the Infrared heater manufactures based on the specialized heating and drying need of customer, our colour changing infrared heaters are amongst one of our Infrared heater range product which is designed with special infrared emitters those changes its colour with the change in temperature.

The infrared emitter of Colour Changing Infrared Heaters take designated colour based on the temperature range, hence it make the identification of temperature change very easy just with the visual approach. Even from the array of Infrared heaters, faulty one can be identified very easily, hence reduced down time of heater.

Picture entering a room and finding it filled with a cozy, inviting glow that not only warms the area but also produces a calming mood. This dream comes true with our Colour Changing Infrared Heaters. With a single button press, you can effortlessly adjust the tone, be it cozying up on a chilly winter’s night or creating a lively atmosphere for a social event. That’s what our heaters are for.

What distinguishes our Colour Changing Infrared Heaters from conventional heating options, though? Their cutting-edge functionality and creative design hold the key to the solution. Infrared heaters release radiant heat that is absorbed by surfaces and objects in the room to provide a constant, comfortable temperature, in contrast to conventional heaters that rely on convection to warm the air. This means that our heaters are the best option for people who have allergies or respiratory problems because it not only guarantees more effective heating but also stops the spread of dust and other allergens.

Our Color Changing Infrared Heaters not only have excellent heating capabilities, but also offer configurable LED lighting options so you may customize the atmosphere in your room to your preference. Our heaters come in a variety of colors to match any taste, whether you’re more into a muted, soft glow or a bright, vibrant pop of color. You have total control over the appearance and feel of your surroundings thanks to the brightness levels that can be adjusted, the color cycle feature, and the option to set a specific shade.

However, our color-changing infrared heaters offer more advantages than just that. Apart from its energy efficiency and features that can be customized, they also provide a plethora of installation possibilities. We have a range of models to meet your needs, whether you choose wall-mounted units for a sleek and contemporary design or portable heaters for more flexibility. Additionally, you may enjoy years of dependable operation with no maintenance needed because to their sturdy structure and user-friendly controls.

Our Color Changing Infrared Heaters are the ideal choice whether you want to improve the atmosphere in your business space or increase your home’s heating system. They are genuinely revolutionizing the field of heating technology with their creative design, adaptable features, and powerful heating powers. With our color-changing infrared heaters, you may experience the remarkable rather than settling for the mundane. Makeover your area right now to see the change for yourself.

Features of Colour Changing Infrared Heaters

  • The material used does not oxidise resulting in cleaner surface and no wear out.
  • Infrared emitter takes designated colour with change in the level of heat.
  • The coil is placed in a ceramic material and can be placed in any position.

Application of Colour Changing Infrared Heaters

  • Thermoforming and Vacuum Forming.
  • Shrink Packaging and Fitting.
  • Mould Heating.
  • Drying Applications.
  • Paint and powder industry.
KERONE is pioneer in application and implementation engineering with its vast experience and team of professionals. KERONE is devoted to serve the industry to optimize their operations both economically and environmentally with its specialized heating and drying solutions.

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