Cold Plasma for Sterilisation

The suggested technology provides as a way of disinfection of pathogenic micro-organisms through cold plasma sterilization technique.

We at Kerone, having experience of past 48 year’s manufacture Cold Plasma for Sterilisation with innovative technology with highly effective and eco-friendly method for ensuring the sterilization of medical equipment. Unlike traditional Sterilization method it was rely on heat and chemicals, but the Cold Plasma for Sterilisation use unique approach to eliminate bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms through plasma technology.

Cold plasma for sterilisation produces different reactive oxygen species (ROS), superoxide’s needed for disinfection without requiring any corrosive chemical like sodium hypocloride or extra UV rays. This method is safe to operator and environment friendly. Solely argon gas and Deionized water is required for disinfection. The device is good for cleansing of sensitive medical/ any other equipment’s and personal belongings (tiffin boxes, purse, cell phones, files, documents, key rings etc.) of frontline health workers.

We at KERONE are now in strategic collaboration with Emitech, Italy for technical know-how in the field of sterilization and disinfestations using microwave technology.


  • This technique is dry, environment friendly and non-irritating.
  • The process is cost effective. Running cost of sterilization for each 10 min cycle is ~ Rs 8.5. It also has comparatively less recurring cost.
  • Does not produce any toxic by-products (produced UV radiation & H2O2 vapors are well below allowed safe limit).
  • The operation of the device is quite simple. The user can just put the materials inside the sterilization chamber, switch on the device, wait for stipulated amount of time and then bring the sterilized items out.

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