Auto Karl Fischer Titration Apparatus

Auto Karl Fischer Titration Apparatus is employed in accurate determination of moisture in various samples. The instrument is constructed in a mild steel cabinet which has been powder coated with built magnetic stirrer and attached titration.

The controls mounted on the front panel makes it very easy to be operated. DBK Karl Fischer Titrator is used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, oils and many other industries involved in quality control and R&D Laboratories.Type : Auto zero burette, capacity 10 ml with glass valveResolution : 0.05 mlAccuracy : 10 PRM – 25 gm of sampleResolution : Amber colour reservoir, 250 ml for longer stability, Facility to transfer reagent from burette back to reservoir.Electrode : Twin platinum ElectrodeVessel : Specially designed moisture tight reaction vessel for small quantity sample titrationStirrer : Motorized Teflon coated magnetic stirrer.Solenoid : Special DBK design, no tedious solenoid valve settingDisplay : 10 segments, LED bar display to indicate the level of titrationEnd Point : Audio and Visual alarmTime : Display 10 adjustableDimension : 8 Kg approx. To be arranged by user

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