Infrared (IR) dryers are modern day industrial drying solutions for material surface, Infrared (IR) dryer uses the infrared radiations, and Infrared radiations are invisible electromagnetic radiation whose wavelength is longer than the visible light wave range between 0.78 and 1000 µm. This type of radiation has characteristic to transfer thermal energy from warmer object to cooler object. The desired heat is produced at the surface of the targeted material, heat is produced on surface by matching the infrared emission spectrum of radiator to the absorption capacity of material.

Infrared dryers belong to family of generate heat at targeted material type of dryers similar to microwave and RF dryers, however key difference is Infrared generates heat on the surface or material. Infrared dryers are best substitute to the conventional type dryers due to its property of dryer from outer crust to inner part.

Infrared dryer utilizes the high end infrared radiators as main source of heating, due this utilization of infrared for heating help the dryer to provide various advantages such as high efficiency, low response time, evenly heating the surface of material, lower energy consumption, Green technology and compact in size.

Kerone is known as one of the early bird in Infrared drying segment, we are in first few heating/drying solution provider who started advocating in favour of Infrared as source to produce the heat required from drying, in these several years we have played crucial role in the transformation that happened in segment of drying in Asia and other continents. We as known for our designing custom build drying solutions that are strictly adhere to the client’s process and pocket requirement without compromising quality of dryer and output material. The Infrared dryers (IR Dryers) are designed and customized to fit into need of your process need for drying requirement.

IR Dryer offered by Kerone Engineering

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