Cold Plasma & Non Thermal Plasma for Food Preservation

At Kerone, we are having more than 48 year’s experience in helping various types of industries with designing, manufacturing and installation of various types of custom build industrial drying solution.

We at Kerone manufacture the innovative Cold Plasma & Non Thermal Plasma for Food Preservation. To improve food safety in contrast to conventional methods of heat, we use ionized gasses to destroy germs, and to prolong the self life of food. The reactive species remove bacteria, viruses and mold from food surfaces without deteriorating the color, nutritional value or texture form the food. The Cold Plasma and Non-Thermal Plasma treatment for food do not use great energy and it reduce the thermal damage associated with conventional pasteurization method.

We help the client in selection by understanding the prerequisite for quality, size, shape and moisture content of the ultimate dried product have to be taken into contemplation, as well as production setting, construction materials most common stainless steel, energy consumption pattern.

Cold Plasma & Cold Plasma & Non Thermal Plasma for Food Preservation is a novel nonthermal food processing technology that uses energetic, reactive gases to inactivate contaminating microbes on meats, poultry, fruits, and vegetables. This flexible sanitizing method uses electricity and a carrier gas, such as air, oxygen, nitrogen, or helium; antimicrobial chemical agents are not required. The primary modes of action are due to UV light and reactive chemical products of the cold plasma ionization process. A wide array of cold plasma systems that operate at atmospheric pressures or in low pressure treatment chambers are under development.


  • Microbial Decontamination of Foods
  • Modification of the Functionality of Food Material
  • Sterilization of Food Packaging Material

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