Industrial Dryers :

Dryers find application where its desired to remove/reduce/take out moisture or water contents from the any article. Industrial processing has moisture removal as one the vital need, industries such as food, Chemical, Pharmaceutical , plastic, ceramic, FMCG and etc are few those has high demand of good quality of drying system. Since dryers find application in various non-industrial applications hence to distinguish the dryers used for industrial application are known as Industrial dryer (#industrialdryer).

KERONE is having more than 40 years experience in designing, manufacturing , erection and commissioning various type of Industrial dryers. Since the process of drying is very time and energy consuming process therefore KERONE offer economical, energy efficient, advanced technology dryer that can fit in both budget and process of requirement of client.

KERONE is committed itself to provide highly efficient, superior quality, advanced technology and fit to pocket industrial drying system for various applications. Below is the list of dryers we are having proficiency in:
  • Conventional Dryers
  • Microwave Dryers
  • Radio Frequency Dryers
  • Infrared Dryers
  • HOT AIR Dryer - Stenter
  • Pneumatic/ Flash Dryer
  • Spray Drying
  • Contact Drying- Steam Cylinders/Cans
  • Fluid bed dryers
  • Rotary Dryers
  1. Pharmaceutical
  2. Food and brewage processing
  3. Dairy and Dairy products
  4. Plastic and Rubber
  5. Ceramics
  6. Chemical
  7. Automobile
  8. Textile
  9. Paper and Printing
Microwave Dryers (Microwave Industrial Dryer)
KERONE is providing quality and cost effective microwave based industrial dryers (#microwavedryer) irrespective of size and complexity. As company we hold total 40 year experience in providing drying and hating solutions. We have served various types of industries with our designed and manufactured microwave industrial drying system from simple to complex; even we hold expertise in providing microwave drying solution for very critical application having no margin of error due highly reactive input materials.

KERONE provides complete end to end service from design, manufacturing, erection, commissioning and after installation support. We have been choice of our client due to our commitment towards quality, delivery and technical know-how.

In KERONE, at our research and development wing, we have highly experienced team of professionals who made us equipped with the varied rang of Microwave dryers that can be implemented across different verticals.
  1. Batch Oven/ Dryers
  2. Semi Batch Ovens/Dryers
  3. Continuous (conveyorised) Oven/Dryers
  4. Special purpose customized microwave dryer.

Feature of Microwave Dryers:
  • High Quality Magnetrons are being used
  • PID Indicator/controller for easy to understand and operate user control
  • RF/MW choke/timer provision for automatic power control
  • Stainless steel chamber designed to avoid any kind of radiations.
  • Required electrical & thermal safety features for microwave generator
  • Variable frequency (Belt speed control)
  • Variable Power output (selectable) up to 100%
  • Temperature Control

Advantage :
  • Microwave heating process is clean.
  • Microwave heat penetrates both on the surface as well as internally within the object placed for the Treatment.
  • High speed of heating reduces total time of processing.
  • Microwave heating process is highly controllable
  • Spontaneous ON/OFF control

Radio Frequency Dryers
Radio frequency drying system utilizes Radio Frequency band of electromagnetic spectrum, in radio frequency dryer the RF fields are generated by RF generator between to electrodes and material to be dried is placed between the electrodes, the RF fields result in molecular momentum and this momentum result in creation of heat. Radio frequency drying systems provides the capability to speed-up the drying process result in shorter drying time.

KERONE is holding experience and expertise in providing radiofrequency drying systems capable of providing high volume, high speed and superiority drying, this even exact need on today's industrial processes to achieve quality output in lesser time. We are holding immense experience in designing, manufacturing, erecting and commissioning various types of radio frequency dryers for varying industries and complexity. The radio frequency (RF) dryers manufactured in KERONE are strictly as per the defined international standards.
Advantages of Radio Frequency Dryers:
  • Radio Frequency dryers, dries the items directly and through the thickness of the item. This results in quicker drying.
  • Radio Frequency dryers, heats from inner surface material and not much constraint with its conducting ability.
  • Heat is result of water contents within the material, no overheating of material under process.
  • Distinctive materials heat/dries at distinct rates so it is imaginable to high temperature one and only piece of a composite material or to dry a covering without warming the substrate. This enhances item quality by not heating delicate materials.
  • Spontaneous ON/OFF control
  • Environmental friendly and very clean process
  • Radio Frequency Heater/Dryers save operational cost by saving time, energy and increased controlled heating

Feature of Radio Frequency (RF) Heaters:
  • Designed to handle wide range of Products
  • PLC control with fault identification
  • Superior quality processed product at highest rate of production
  • Flexible, accurate and effective at low rates of energy utilization
  • Meets appropriate regulations all through the world
  • Batch Type Front opening Radio Frequency (RF) Heater/ dryers
  • Conveyorized continuous Radio Frequency (RF) heaters/dryers.

Conventional Dryer:
KERONE has designed, built and had made operational various types of Conventional heater and dryers for verity of applications. KERONE is holding 40 years rich experience in helping various industries with their cost effective and efficient conventional dryers strictly designed as per process requirement to achieve high quality output. Conventional dryers are designed to adapt all the parameter of the existing process so as not to compromise with time and quality.

The conventional dryers designed and build by KERONE of high quality. We manufacture various type of conventional dryer

1) Batch type
2) Conveyorised type
a.With Uniform Temperature Zone
b.With varying temperature Zone
c.Can accommodate multiple types of conveyor mechanism.

Both the type of conventional dryers can be built with multiple technologies such as
1) Hot Air dryer
a. Oil fried
b. Gas Fired
c. Electric Fired

2) Hot Water Dryers
a. Oil fried
b. Gas Fired
c. Electric Fired

3) Hot Steam Dyers
a. Oil fried
b. Gas Fired
c. Electric Fired

General Feature
  • Maintenance cost -low
  • Construction- Strong Steel
  • Installation- Speedy and Easy
  • Durability and Efficiency- High
  • Control and temperature correction- Smart User interface
  • Engineering- Engineered after studying all critical factors
  • Functioning- Easy to use and Hassle-free
  • Longer service life
1.HOT AIR Dryer:
At KERONE, we design, manufacture, export verity of Hot Air Dryer, these Hot air dryer are manufactures in different shapes and sizes with diverse specifications depending upon the clients area of application. Every single Hot air dryer manufactured is comprises of superior quality raw materials sources from the dependable sources. We hold upper hand in customizing the hot air dryers based on the heat exchanger such as Condenser, Vent Condenser, Re-Boiler and Sub-cooler based on the suitability of Clients process need. Based on client requirement and process need KERONE manufactures Hot Air dryers and Hot air Generators manufactured those can be fired by verity of fuels
1) Oil fired Hot Air dryer
2) Gas Fired Hot Air dryer
3) Solid Fired Hot Air dryer

Hot Air Dryers finds its application in multiple industries for varied functional areas
  • Food Industry:
  • Curing, Dairies, Confectionery, Fruits & Vegetable Canning, Dehydration, Pasteurizers, Vegetable Oil Refineries etc.
  • Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Dyes and Intermediates, Refineries, Lube oil plants, Oil Reclamation, Additives, Adhesives, Pesticides, Fertilizers etc.
  • Textiles
  • Stanters, Curing machines etc.
  • Hotels & Laundries, Kitchen
  • Rubber, Tyre Retreading, Paper & Board, Leather Industries, Plastic Industries
  • Cement Concrete/Mosaic Tiles Curing
  • Metal Pre-treatment, Timber Seasoning, Thermocole.
Pneumatic/ Flash Dryer:
KERONE is specialized in designing and manufacturing of various type of customized Flash dryers also know as Pneumatic/ Flash dryer. We as having over 40 years experience in providing several type of flash dryers for various application. Our expertise with Infrared and traditional flash dryers had made us well versed with the applications where performance of flash dryers can be improved by using Infrared radiator as main source of heating.

Pneumatic/Flash dryer is used mostly commonly removing surface moisture from smaller particles or fine drying such as screen printing at relatively short drying times. Flash dryers manufactured by KERONE is fitted with superior quality of lamp reflector module, digital temperature controller and hot air blowers.

Pneumatic/Flash dryers are appropriate for drying granular, powdery, pasty, and crystalline products. Flash dryers are very useful in drying heat-sensitive products; flash dryers are successfully used in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, mining, ceramic, and wood industries. To ensure long working life and high efficiency when used for process requirement we manufacture the flash dryer with the materials sourced from our trusted sources and crafted carefully.

General Features:
  • Height adjustment for heating panel should be parallel to the pallet
  • Timer, controller
  • Remote start pulse
  • Cooling fans with high volume, pressure
  • Auto, manual switches
  • Digital control panel
  • Caser wheels (brake wheels 2 No) nylon wheels
  • Distance between pallets to floor lever app.
  • Height deviation up to 250 mm from pallet
  • All wiring, ducks on the portable system would be nicely done
IR Dryer or Infrared Dryer
Infrared dryer utilizes the high end infrared radiators as main source of heating, due this utilization of infrared for heating help the dryer to provide various advantages such as high efficiency, low response time, evenly heating the surface of material, lower energy consumption, Green technology and compact in size.

KERONE has been leader in designing, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of various ranges of IR dryers and various applications for many national and international projects. The Infrared dryers (IR Dryers) are designed and customized to fit into need of your process need for drying requirement

Since the Infrared dryer (IR dryer) produces the desired heat on the surface of material hence it the rate of drying is very fast.

General Features:
  • Infrared dryers are having superior Air Handling arrangement.
  • Forced airflow speed up drying/curing process.
  • High-volume circulation blower reduces energy costs.
  • Separate dedicated blowers for circulation & exhaust Control Center
  • After the dryer has been turned off, the blowers and belt will continue to run for five minutes to shut down automatically after cooling of heat chamber.
  • Infrared dryers (IR dryers) are compact in size, hence it takes lesser floor area.
  • Infrared Dryers (IR dryers) are having digital keypad with digital display.
  • Air-cooled electrical control cabinet insures long life of electrical components Conveyor System.
  • Conveyor belt is made of imported antistatic heat-resistant, Teflon-coated fiberglass coating.
  • Conveyor Driven by a reliable, heavy-duty, variable-speed AC motor with imported variable speed drive and gear box.
  • Degradation of solvents by oxidation
  • Rubber lining rollers for belt
  • Minimum belt speed: 0.8 mtr per minute
  • Max belt Speed : 15 Mtr/ Min.
  • Conveyor speed & IR system are integrated with each other for safety purpose.
Spray Drying:
KERONE has been leader in designing, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of Spray dryers various ambits of processes and applications. The spray dryers (IR Dryers) are designed and customized to fit into need of your process need for drying requirement and process plant suitability.

Spray drying has been one of the most energy-consuming drying processes, however the spray dryer designed and build by KERONE is optimized to utilize the energy in very efficient Mannes. The Spray dryers has been one that is necessary in production of dairy and food product powders. Basically, spray drying is carried out by atomizing feed liquid into a drying chamber, where the little droplets are submitted to a stream of hot air and convinced to powder particles. As the powder is discharged from the drying chamber, it is passed through a powder/air separator and collected for packaging. Most spray dryers are equipped for primary powder collection at efficiency of about 99.5%, and most can be supplied with secondary collection equipment if necessary.

Salient features of Spray dryers are as follows:
  • Solutions, suspensions, slurries and pastes, which can be pumped, can be dried on spray dryers. The advantage of spray dryer is rapid and non-contact drying.
  • Much higher initial temperature of drying medium can be used.
  • High evaporation rates and thermal efficiencies are achieved.
  • It can be quickly started and shut down.
  • It is capable of handling volatile or inflammable solvents in a closed cycle.
Contact Drying- Steam Cylinders/Cans
KERONE is having over 40 years experience in designing and manufacturing of various type of Contact Drying- Steam Cylinders/Cans. Our expertise with dryers and drying application, Contact Drying- Steam Cylinders/Cans the simplest and cheapest mode of drying fabrics.

Contact Drying- Steam Cylinders/Cans are primarily employed for transitional drying rather than final drying and for predrying prior to stentering. Fabric/drying material is passed around a series of steam heated cylinders using steam at pressures varying from 35 psi to 65 psi. Cylinders can be used to dry down a wide range of fabrics, but it does give a finish similar to an iron and is therefore unsuitable where a surface effect is present or required. In stenters, the fabric is width wise stretched for width fixation by a series of holding clips or pins mounted on a pair of endless chains.

It is common for steam cylinders to have problems such as leaks at vacuum breakers, air vents, rotating joints and steam traps. This is a direct result of the design of the heating system which relies on passing steam and condensate into and out of each cylinder via a rotating joint. When you have up to maybe 32 such cylinders in a single bank then the potential for leakage is considerable. It is therefore important to initiate a good maintenance regime. For example, periodically checking steam traps using an ultrasonic steam leak detector.
Fluid bed dryers
KERONE provides complete end to end service from design, manufacturing, erection, commissioning and after installation support. We have been choice of our client due to our commitment towards quality, delivery and technical know-how. We are having over 40 year experienced in providing the quality product and services in drying and heating segment.

Fluid bed dryers can be discovered all around industries, from heavy mining through food, fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals. They provide an effective method of drying relatively freeflowing particles with a reasonably narrow particle size distribution. In general, fluid bed dryers operate on a through-the-bed flow pattern with the gas passing through the product perpendicular to the direction of travel. The dry product is discharged from the same section.

  • With a certain velocity of gas at the base of a bed of particles, the bed expands and particles move within the bed.
  • High rate of heat transfer is achieved with almost instant evaporation.
  • Batch/continuous flow of materials is possible.
  • The hot gas stream is introduced at the base of the bed through a dispersion/distribution plate.
Rotary Dryers
The Rotatry dryers are made up of a large, rotating cylindrical tube, usually supported by concrete columns or steel beam, it represents the oldest continuous and most common high volume dryer used across industries. KERONE is having more than 40 years experience in designing, manufacturing , erection and commissioning various type of Rotary dryers.

The typical arrangement of the rotary dryers are the feed materials passing through a rotating cylinder termed a drum. The cylindrical shell usually constructed from steel plates, slightly inclined, typically 0.3-5 m in diameter, 5-90 m in length and rotating at 1-5 rpm. It is operated in some cases with a negative internal pressure (vacuum) to prevent dust escape.

The drum is mounted to large steel rings, termed riding rings, or tires that are supported on fixed roller assemblies. The rotation is accomplished by either a direct drive or chain drive, which demand a cinch gear or cog gear, severally, on the drum. As the dryer rotates, solids are picked up by the flights, lifted for a certain distance around the drum and showered through the air in a cascading curtain. Most of the drying occurs at this time, as the solids are in close contact with the gas. Flight action is also partly responsible for the transport of solids through the drum.

Feature of the Rotary Dryer
  • Efficient dryer for drying of materials with high moisture contents.
  • Handles a wide size range of materials with extended residence times.
  • Design permits highest possible drying temperatures.
  • Drying, cooling or calcinations.
  • High thermal efficiency.

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