Coating Systems

Curtain Coating Machine
  • Speed: This system can coat from 3,000 to 4,000 pieces per hour.
  • Minimum personnel required.
  • Virtually no waste: Since the small amount of unused coating is cycled back into the system, this method wastes less coating than any other.
  • Aesthetics: The only non-spray process that imparts a smooth, glossy finish, with no track marks.
  • Flexibility: Disks can be as thin or as thick as specifications require.

Immersion /DIP Coating Systems

  • Dip coating gives a defensive shield that opposes consumption.
  • Insulates against warmth, frosty, stress and electrical streams.
  • Adaptable to high volume requests obliging quick conveyance.
  • Durable and UV safe.
  • Alternative hues and completions (reflexive and matt) can be made effortlessly and financially.
  • An extensive variety of thickness, compositions

Hot Melt Coating Machine
hot melt coating machine can apply to non-woven fabric, paper and various plastic films. The machine consists of two auto splicing and unwinding units, one glue sprinkling unit and one auto splicing and unwinding unit, so that it can process on two layers material and one layer coating. The machine with PLC to do the linking control and auto splicing device can raise the producing efficiency.


  • Environmentally friendly due to water and solvent-free adhesives
  • Low coating weight needed
  • Elimination of dryer / low energy requirements
  • No thermal stress of substrate
  • High production speed possible
  • Permanent or non permanent coating possible

Slot Die Coating Machine

  • Able to Coat Organic or Inorganic Liquids on flexible or rigid substrates
  • Excellent coating uniformity (typically 3% or better)
  • Capable of coating a wide range of process materials: high and low viscosity fluids
  • Deposit a wide range of thicknesses
  • High efficiency / high material utilization: typically 96% process material utilization
  • Technology proven scalable from small R&D to large panel, high volume/mass production
  • Highly reliable and robust process
  • High throughput (low TACT) processing

Spray Coating Machine:
At KERONE, we hold the expertise in designing and manufacturing of custom build spray coating for the varying need of customer, every single spray dryers designed by us, is known for its performance, efficiency and lower maintenance cost.


  • Food: milk powder, coffee, tea, eggs, cereal, spices, flavorings, starch and starch derivatives, vitamins, enzymes, Stevie, colorings etc.
  • Pharmaceutical: antibiotics, medical ingredients, additives
  • Industrial: paint pigments, ceramic materials, catalyst supports, microalgae

Gravure Coating Systems:
KERONE is leading name to help its clients with their unique and accurate need of heating and drying systems, we design and build various type of the dryers for critical as well as specialized needs. In our list of the products we also provide the solution for the gravure coating mechanics with our specialized dryer, we also call them gravure coating dryers. The specialized and custom developed gravure coating dryer's uses very efficient and critical drying mechanism which helps in achieving the accurate and faster results. Gravure Coating dryers is having ability to dry the cost of both solvent-less coating and water/solvent-based coating. The dryers are manufactured to work with both the offset type as well as direct type of gravure coating machines.

Reverse Roll Coating Machine
KERONE is well known name for providing quality and highly efficient roller dryer for the various needs of coating and impregnation plants. The roller dryer is also known as drum dryer. The roller dryer consists of a hollow roller with a smooth exterior heated inside out. It rotates on its longitudinal axis. In roller dryer rotates on its longitudinal axis which is heated roller, this metal roller is utilized to plunge in the solution to be dried.

Fabric Coating machine


  • Perfect uniform coating across the whole width
  • Vibration free rigid doctor blade construction
  • Special arrangement to set very fine gap across the width
  • Quick lifting system
  • Micro adjustment individual and together left / right
  • Knife on air arrangement
  • Dual knife system with option of thin /thick coating

Web Coating Systems:
Web Coating Dies have many advantages over traditional coating methods such as roll coating.These types of machine also use less material, have better gauge control, and can apply multi-layer and pattern coatings. Exacting tolerances of up to 75 nanometers are available to complement the application and process specifications.

Knife over roll Coating systems:

A knife over roll coating system is designed to use a knife with a roll or other mechanism to feed the material over a specified substrate for even application. Excess materials are scraped off as the substrate is fed through this system to provide a low cost, uniform covering for various weights or viscosities. It is a common approach as the method is acceptable for numerous substrates and types of coatings.


  • Heat/Solvent Reactivated
  • Pressure Sensitive
  • Barriers
  • Primers
  • Plastisol
  • Latex

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